ipod deals?

  1. i wanna get an ipod nano. anyone knows any deals for it? thanks :]
  2. ipods never go on sale. your best bet would be a refurbished nano. go to the apple.com, and look on the bottom right of the store page.
  3. Bestbuy.com and circuitcity.com New 4gb Nano on sale 189.99 circut city has free ship.
  4. thanks guys :biggrin:
  5. I am pretty sure Costco has them and they normally are a few dollars cheaper than retail. That is if you are a member of course. And if anything happens to it you have "the Costco warranty"
  6. if you live in ny then craigslist people post them up ALL the time in NYC for really cheap! under electronics, i mean usually you have to be able to meet tho cause no one wants to ship,,,,, but maybe if you said paypal since its safe they would do it?

    just from looking really quck i see a used one for $50,,a red one for $110, 2 gig one for $120, 4 gig $125, 4 gig $100,
    so yea it might be worth checking out! :smile: goodluck!
  7. My son got a free one last fall when he bought an apple computer( as well as a printer I think). If you know any college students it's worth checking out Apple's college promotions. I think college students get a discount on all apple products.
  8. you cold try your local bestbuy store. i bought a 30gb video for the 249, but it didnt have the headphones(which i didnt like anyway) and the disk, but they gave me a 35 giftcard. i guess certain items they do that. it wouldnt hurt to look
  9. I just got my 30gb ipod from techforless.com for $218. It's an open item but still comes with manufacturers warranty and you can pay thru paypal which means I should get the $15 rebate. Making my ipod $203.