Ipod Cases

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  1. Does anyone use a coach Ipod case for their Video Ipod? I just purchased the gold and signature stripe one, but it fits in there kinda wierd. Also, no screen or click wheel protector, so I'm not sure about this purchase.
  2. i personally don't like the ipod cases. i have a screen protector i bought for my ipod, so that's not the problem. just wasn't what i was looking for. i opted for just a plain clear case instead.

    and is the signature stripe one made for the video? cause i seem to recall they specified ipod video on the legacy one...
  3. um i wouldn't go for it. i am extremely anal about ipod scratches and the ipod video scratches EXTREMELY EASILY. this is my 2nd ipod video and this time i am not messing around and I got a case right away. if there's no screen protector your pretty much wasting your money (i considered buying the legacy stripe case but with no protector it's a waste of $118)
  4. I got this really cute case from Brighton. (Brighton | Brighton.com) Fits my 80GB Video perfectly:


    They don't sell on their website, but they also have other styles. I think I want an LV one too.

    I didn't like the Coach ones (okay, loved the Legacy) since the screen is not covered.
  5. I don't have one for the video, but I have one for the mini iPod. And although it doesn't have a screen protector I still like it.
  6. if you seriously want a coach one, invest in a screen protector. they're just little sticky things that you can buy at best buy for around $10.
  7. I want a coach ipod holder.
  8. I purchased a coach nano ipod holder for my daughter. We weren't happy with it either and it went back. There was no cut out for her to be able to turn it on and off. There are alot of nice ones out there happy hunting!
  9. well i havent used it yet since im getting the ipod + case for christmas but i ordered the iskin claro.. with shipping its about $70 (the claro itself, + 3pack of skins, i got pink, purple, and red).. it looks like it'll be nice, it has a kickstand for watching videos.
  10. the kickstands are the BEST for watching videos! i have so many vids on mine right now and having that kickstand makes it so much easier! you will LOVE it!
  11. What the heck is a kickstand?

    Enlighten me please.
  12. like a kickstand on a bike.

    it keeps the ipod (relatively) upright so you don't have to hold the ipod the entire time to watch a video. makes it freestanding.
  13. Oh.

    Thank You Kallison.
  14. no prob.

    (and i am not going to hear a lecture about buying an ipod case?! you're going soft on me!)