iPod cases

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a nice case for my ipod. I have the old-skool click-wheel version (pic below) and a lot of places only seem to have cases for the minis or the shuffles which annoys me.
  2. same problem here!!!!
    i used to have a super-cute fendi case for my mini, but now i bought the 30gb(i think it's like yours)and i can't seem to find a cute case....!:hrmm: :huh:
  3. Visit Mulberry.com - they do some absolutely gorgeous cases in leather - I personally love the gold - they are not too expensive either - and the quality is amazing:love:
  4. The gold one is currently unavailable :oh: I really like it too.
  5. I found a nice black leather one at Compusa for $29.99. I've been really happy with it. I really think all IPODs need a cover to protect the screen from getting scratches and it keeps the body of the IPOD clean from fingerprints. Peggy
  6. If there's an apple store in your area, you could check there too. I've seen places like Best Buy sell the cases too.
  7. I have the one you are talking about and I got a really cute Juicy Couture one :smile: I know I saw some on sale at Shopbop.com earlier today. I :heart: it because not only is it cute, but, there is a small bit of plastic that covers the screen, and I have access to my click wheel w/o having to open anything!
  8. Hi all

    I have resurrected this thread as the mulberry ipod cases are half price at £49 (instead of £99) incase anyone is interested!!:flowers:
  9. I have an iSkin case and it's great. Your iPod is well protected because the case protects the clickwheel and screen. Also, the skin is rubber so it absorbs shock if you ever drop it.
  10. I have a juicy couture case for my ipod
    I considered getting a Burberry one, but they seemed a tad weird

    Also, the juicy couture cases for ipods are currently on sale at NM! So you should totally get it!
  11. A member previously directed me to Orbino.com and I love their cases! They might have the one youre looking for.
  12. http://www.agent18.com

    Hands down in my opinion the nicest ipod cases - they're clear, hard plastic so you don't lose the beauty of the ipod design under a piece of rubber. My brother has one for his ipod video and it's lovely, the company also makes them for older ipods !