Ipod Cases

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  1. Hey.. I just got an ipod today.. anyone know of any cute cases and where I can get them? Please post pics if you guys have any..

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I was just looking at those today at Target. My boys each got an ipod shuffle for Christmas and now want covers for them. I also saw a ton of them on ebay...for a lot less than Target. There they were $30 for 3.

    Good luck! :smile:
  3. check out eluxury. lv has some (damier, monogram, multicolor) and dior.
    i think i'll buy the ll multicolor ipod case. it goes with my pink ipod and it's cute.
  4. I want the gucci one....I dunno whhy, but it's cute, cheap one's are at american eagle, their leather, and come ine about 5 colors....
  5. I have two ipod cases. One from Coach- their Ocelot one. I love it very much. I bought another Coach one for my sister for the holiday for her mini as well.

    The other one I have is ipod socks. They are sold in the Apple stores and on the Apple site. It's a box of six socks, and they are all colors. I like that one in my purse, because I can find it real easy, and because the whole ipod fits into it, the wheel and screen won't get scratched.
  6. There will be a Coach iPod case give away next week on here!!
  7. thanks for all the info everyone! i really like the multicolor LV one.. but that costs almost as much as the ipod itself!!!!
  8. My little cousin have those Apple ipod socks and I think they're the cutest thing!
  9. my friend (a guy) has the ipod socks and he coordinates them to his outfit :lol: ! he's so metrosexual...lol
  10. I'm frustrated that I can't find any cute cases for the Ipod Video!

    Not on eluxury, not coach, not juicy, not burberry... nothing.

    I found ONE clear rubber one at Bestbuy and it was like $35! Gosh I'd rather wait and get a nice one.

    I was about to buy the LV one on eluxury thinking it was just a universal case- then I noticed the hole for the headphones is in the middle- with the video ipods the headphone jack is off center.
  11. Well...the newer the item, the less "goodies" it's going to have available...i think for the video and the nano, people are going to have to wait a bit for designers to catch up to the trend. I just got a new truck and I've been waiting for some car mods specifically for my truck, not just universal across the brand, and, it's been 4 months and still nothing...
  12. my sister has the gold metallic Kate Spade ipod case with a flap. It's too cute.