ipod cases

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  1. I saw this at the outlets this weekend. Would anyone happen to know if they made this for any other ipods? Thanks so much!

    *edited to add* would anyone happen to know the best way to go about searching for cases for older ipod generations on eBay? I have a 20GB/4G and I'm not sure if the video ipod cases would fit.
  2. If you have an older ipod the video ipod will have a much larger screen opening. Which may work for you (not so good the other way around because you can't see the whole screen). I'd go test one out at a store...thats what I did before I got mine because I didn't like that it didn't close on the top.
  3. i see a lot of the 4g/20gb ones at the outlets, along with nano and shuffle cases. i have 3 ipods, so i can always find something to fit. i think the new ones at boutiques will all be for videos.

    but...i hate how they don't close on top. drives me crazy.