IPOD Cases from Hermes

  1. Does anyone own one and if yes, what do you have to say about them? Saw some in beautiful colors and another in a magazine. Let me know what you all think?
  2. Kellybag, I don't own one, but the ones I've seen have been designed to fit the Mini. HTH.
  3. Hi, I have one for the mini ipod, since last year, (it may be the only size hermes makes), the funny thing is the leather case is great,:yes: I love it, BUT, my ipod broke AGAIN!:rant: :mad: (5 time in one year), I am about to throw that damned thing out,:yucky: :censor: but I will keep the hermes case, I don't know what I will do with it, but it is staying home with me.:rolleyes:
  4. Last time I checked for Ipod cases at Hermes, they only made them for the mini size, which sucks since I have the photo one. This was last year sometime, so maybe they make larger sizes now. Avandome, how much is the one for the mini is you don't mind me asking.
  5. avandome...if you replace that ipod...find out if you can buy insurance on it...then, you can always replace it free.

    guccigirl2000, I am so jealous! I want to go to India for some jewelry, quilts, and pillows...Can I tell you what I want? Have a blast!
  6. Can the case be used for the Creative Zen mp3 player as well?
  7. thnx Kellybag!! I'm soo "can I tell you what I want". My suitemate at uni gave me a page list full of just bangles after seeing all mine. And their beddings are amazing there! Last year I got this pure silf peacock blue bet set that was embroidered and had sequins and garnets sewn on...TDF!!!! (I know this was so un Hermes reslated sorry!:biggrin: )
  8. guccigirl...I want a nice armful of some gorgeous gold bangles!!!! They are to die for!!!! I am so sad:sad:

    Please post pics of your purchases when you return

    Oh, it's ok once in a while to cheat and talk about other things too!!!
  9. Hi, when I bought it last year it was $365.00+ tax
    I have not seen them in other sizes so far... but maybe they will make it:flowers:
  10. I wish it was insured! :sad: but I don't know if it can be done:Push: ...I have spent days and hours at the store repair dept. to fix it:mad: ....meanwile I was very carefull with my ipod...because it was in the hermes case, and I did not want to ruin the case!:rolleyes: :lol: I wish hermes made the the ipod...then it would still work!
  11. I am sorry Kou, I have never used that one.