iPod cases cheaper because of the new iPods?!

  1. There are new iPods out.
    So are the 30GB cases still in the stores or cheaper to get?
  2. naw i doubt the are gonna be cheaper lol the new ipod classics are the same size of the wide screen one...

  3. But there is no touchwheel anymore,...the "old" 30GB cases make no sense to the new once. They don't match with this big screen...
  4. oh yeah... no wheel...
    maybe they will make a newer case??
  5. Yes, that would be great!
    And the old cases will go for sale;) I wish! But they never do that :sad:
  6. yes there is for the new ipod classic, do you mean the ipod touch?

  7. LV never goes on sale so I doubt they will become lower priced, maybe just get discontinued when there isnt a market for that case or when it becomes less popular.
  8. Oh I thought that there were no iPod classics any more, just the new iPods (touch) like this:

  9. ^^^^ mmm.... those are the new iPods?!?!?! :drool: :drool:

    I too highly doubt the cases will decrease in price. :nogood:
  10. case price wont decrease, people still have the classic ipod option. when you get the touch you sacrifice big ipod memory, you go from having 80 or a 160 gig drive to an 8 or a 16 gig (which is nano size) for the ipod touch
  11. Very rarely does LV decrease their prices, and the NEVER go on sale....