ipod case?

  1. Hi there,
    I am thinking about getting an ipod Nano case? Does anyone have one? If so, how do you like it?
    Also does it only come in the traditional monograhm??:smile:

  2. As far as I know only come in mono for Ipod nano. I love to get MC one for my nano, I guess have to wait !
  3. I believe the iPod Nano case only came in MC...

    I have the Classic White MC iPod Case.. [4th Generation]
    I really want to sell it now and get the Etui Widescreen Case... it looks weird... and how it cuts off the words bugs me... *sigh*
  4. I have the one for Ipod video. it doesnt completely fit the wires are sorta in the wrong place. However its so cute the mini MC's are just too adorable to resist.

    I like the MC cases a lot beter than the mono ones!
  5. that was driving me crazy- so crazy that i sold my delicious chanel cambon ipod case on ebay to fund the vuitton fund. i just picked up the widescreen ipod case today. it fits like a glove on the 60gb. no more cut off words! :jammin: