iPod case?

  1. Does anyone here have the iPod case either in Monogram or Damier? I'd love to see more pictures of it since there aren't many on the official LV website.
  2. I think John 5 does... bumping up so he'll catch this thread...
  3. I only have the smaller monogram ipod case. Not sure if that's the size you were looking for. Haven't been able to get my hands on the larger ipod case yet.
  4. every time i inquire about the widescreen MC case im told its delayed because of production changes--im almost tempted to get an ipod shuffle, just so i have an excuse to get the MC case for it. am i nuts?
  5. I have the Ipod Case in Mono for the Ipod with Video. What kinds of pix do you want?
  6. Same one I have!
    The Etui Ipod case (not the best pic):
  7. Thanks! I wanted to see what it looked like with an iPod in it. Is there something that protects the screen?

  8. No, it is just a hole. I just put on one of the clear vinyl protectors on mine.
  9. Since we are on the subject of LV Ipod Cases .....

    Does anybody know when the Multicolore Wide Screen Case is launching?
  10. Ask Matt 7474, i think he has one!

    see pic of his Ipod case & collection
  11. Ooooh, it is beautiful.

    I'll PM him and ask.

    Thanks for helping me out! :okay:
  12. Here's a pic of the widescreen case closed:


    I have an 80GB and it fits like a glove!
  13. That looks sooooooo good. I love it! I think I'll get it in Damier though.
  14. Yeah the flap comes down to cover it as shown in krispin's pic. :yes:
  15. How much did the ipod case cost?