Ipod Case Suggestions?

  1. Hey y'all. I just got a new video ipod, and I want to get a case to cover it. I've looked at Coach and a few other places, but I wanted to get some opinions before I made a purchase. Thanks!
  2. Vaja - Leather Products

    GREAT place. I just got a cover there made specially for my Razr and it's SO CUTE! So many colors and it's pricy, but great quality.
  3. I have one too for my Razr. I love Vaja. I just ordered one for my Husband for Christmas. They are expensive but they look so sleek.

    The lighter colors get dirty quickly so I would suggest a darker color.
  4. Yeah I got a green with a pink stripe down the middle. It's lightish but I haven't had dirt problems as of yet. But I am anal about my phone so I probably take extra care not to touch it with dirty hands. :P
  5. I found this cute Ipod case by Juicy Couture from Shopbop.com. What do you guys think? :smile:

  6. Wow! Their stuff is SO awesome! Thanks for posting this! I've been looking for something to glam up my Razr, but all the NYCPeach stuff is a little much for me. This is much more up my ally! I love it! :yes:
  7. Online Store

    i use the agent18 clear case for my ipod video 60GB. i love the ipod design and didn't want to cover it up. the agent18 is a crystal clear case that showcases the look of the ipod. when i carry my ipod in my purse, i put it inside a balenciaga coinpurse. fits perfectly.
  8. I also bought the Agent 18 case for my video iPod. I love it!
  9. i'm using a pewter Kate Spade case from my iPod video. i love it!
  10. Paul Smith all the way. It's classy and the leather really lasts
  11. i second that, you can mix and match the leather colours and the leather feels really nice as well... :heart:
  12. I like that juicy one posted and the ones at Coach.