Ipod case recommendation - something girly please!

  1. So, I took a break from splurging on bags and splurged on a 30 GB video ipod instead.

    But now I want a pretty case under $100. all the ones I see on Amazon and on techie sites are a bit too maasculine for me. I want something girly.

    Any ideas, ladies? :confused1:
  2. I have the Coach signature striped ipod case. It's super durable and gets ton of compliments. Problem is a it's a little bulky and makes my nano look way bigger than it is. But that's the price of protection. That thing has taken a quite a beating and is no worse for the wear.
  3. Kate Spade, Dior, Burberry, etc all make ipod cases. The Kate Spade and Burberry ones are very "girlie" and cute.
  4. i think Juicy Couture has some cute ipod cases.
  5. Coach Makes Cute Pink Cases...
  6. I have the LV mono one for my video and a pink suede coach one for my mini. I also like the Legacy Stripe one that Coach puts out.
  7. How about juicy??
    p10794342_ph_hero.jpg _5101400.jpg
  8. A little over $100 but I think it's cute and girly!


    it's $140
  9. ^^^ I was just about to suggest the same thing! :p I also think Kate Spade ones are really cute!