Ipod case for Video Ipod?

  1. On vuitton.com, they are only showing an Ipod case for the Ipod Nano. Does anyone know if LV makes an Ipod case for a regular video Ipod? If so, how much is it? Thanks!
  2. eluxury has one. $230.
  3. $230 for an iPOD case? That's more than the iPOD itself! But sooo worth it~
  4. ^not more than the video one. I have the mono one I think I bought it for $220 or something like that a few months ago. I love it! I think the mono is the only one made for ipod video. I wish they had a mc.
  5. I think they MIGHT make MC. When I got mine (etui ipod case), it came with a tag for a multicolore one. I never looked into it though.
  6. wow I hope they do! it would be so cute!
  7. ^ita!!
  8. LV does make an iPod Video case... but only in Monogram Canvas... the entire company is out of stock at the moment, but should have some in soon... they retail for $240 now. :yes:
  9. There is one in mono around $240-250! :yes:
  10. I just saw this John. :Push:
  11. I got mine when it first came out this year and I LOVE it!

  12. lol. Not to worry. It happens to us [Addy, Lee, and I] in the authentication thread all the time... :lol:
  13. i thought i saw one in damier at eluxury for $240 a few days ago......
  14. Thanks everyone!!!
  15. Ooooo. That's what I'm looking for. =)