IPL Photofacials....LOVE it!

  1. Hey, I was wondering if any of you out there had this done. It's supposed to be great for sun spots, and I'm looking for any stories good or bad about this. Also, even better, if anyone is in Korea and could help steer me towards a good dermetologist. Thanks!
  2. My derm did this and her office mgr had it done and looked wonderful. She had alot of sunspots and it helped a lot. Here is her site. The picture is the girl I am talking about. I believe this works best for lighter skin tones.

  3. I'd love to hear more about it too, especially for rosacea...I have some pretty bad flushing and redness. I've heard this can help. Has anyone had experiences with this?

    Thanks for posting, hanee, I hope I'm not hijacking your thread!
  4. I went back home a week ago to NO.VA and my SIL who is a dermatologist just purchased a new laser machine for her office. I'm Asian and I'm always bothered by the freckles on my cheeks and nose. She used the laser on me and I immediately saw the difference. It faded my freckles dramatically! She told me that I would probably scab over and ithat it will fall off but I didn't have any of that. She also gave me some creams just in case it was painful afterwards but I didn't even have any pain.

    Anyway, I since I've returned back to Tampa I'm hoping to continue the IPL at least 1 more time so that it will zap all of my freckles completely. I made a couple of calls in the area and found that the IPL photofacials that were being performed in a Doctor's office range from $250-$450 per session. While the ones that were being performed at "laser centers" by aestheticians were funning around $75 per session. Big difference!

    Does anyone else have any experience with IPL and using a medical doctor versus an aesthetician? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. :tup:
  5. I've had two done this year & love the results. I had mine done by an aesthetician so I wouldn't be able to compare the experience to a MD.

    The last time I was there I did have to ask her to turn it down a notch because it seemed a bit painful and she said if it's near that time of the month your skin can be more sensitive to the pain.

    But I will definately try it again!!!
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    In NV, they are changing the laws on who can operate these machines effective Jan '09. After Jan 1st, only nurses & doctor can run these machines. There were too many people being harmed. They showed some of these poor women in TV, it was sad.
    These laser center here are being staffed by people with no experience, they are not aestheticians.
    Personally, I put my health as my #1 concern. I do not go cheap when it comes to any procedure. I would never go out of the country of any kind of health issue either.
  7. I am in total agreement with Vegas Long Legs. I would never go cheap when it comes to my health. I'm just too afraid that something will go wrong and they won't react quick enough to "save" my life. I basically have made up my mind to go with a medical doctor but I was just curious as to the pros/cons of going to an aesthetician. thanks for all of your thoughts!
  8. People also get burned if they don't honestly tell the clinic that they have been in the sun recently or are on a new medication. Burns happen all the time because people don't think it is that important. It is. Ibuprofen is a big no no, as is any antibiotic. A test patch is recommended in these circumstances. It's inconvenient but worth the delayed treatment.
  9. I got it done a couple times at an aesthetician. I didn't think the results were overly amazing, but it did fade some spots a little.

    Unfortunately, I broke out like crazy a couple months after stopping my monthly facials (microderm/photofacials/chemical peels) and now I have marks all over again.
  10. Hi there... I am thinking of getting IPL to treat broken capillaries around the nose and fade freckles. But after speaking with someone who does IPL, she said that it doesn't work to remove capillaries - that only a laser would do this. I have heard otherwise. She said that the results from IPL were more seen over at least 3 sessions.

    I am confused. I thought IPL would deal with small facial capillaries right away, and also fade freckles and refine the skin? Does it depend on the IPL machine or am I thinking of a different procedure altogether? Any help would be appreciated :yes:
  11. I saw a bit on Today show of this improved laser method called Fraxel laser. It doesn't hit every millimeter of skin, it's like thousands of close together dots, leaving tiny dots of untouched skin between. I think the derm said it healed faster this way. They showed some before and after (in person) and Kathie Lee Gifford is having it done. Derm says you need maybe 3-4 sessions, and the full good effect appears in about 3 months, and then you don't need to do it until you start looking worse again which could be up to 5 years.

    She said $1500.00 per Tx.

    My DH says I can do it if I want. I want to loes again the 20 lbs I gained before I try it. It removes age spots, wrinkles and tightens up the neck (for us old ladies!)
  12. The fraxel sounds good but is too expensive for me; I'm mainly just concerned about getting rid of the broken capillaries in 'one go' and evening out skin tone. I was hoping there was some 'machine' or laser that would do this for no more than $400. Maybe I'm dreaming... :confused1:
  13. _Make an appt with a dermatologist - he/she could have some good suggestions for you. I am certainly no expert, LOL!

    Good luck and let us know if you find out any good info! :yes:
  14. I've had 2 fraxel treatments so far. My next is in Sept.
    I love it!
    I bought a package treatment. Got one Thermage &
    5 fraxels for $7500.00 If I don't need all the fraxels they will refund me $800.00 per treatment.
    I think I'm going to get another thermage in Dec.
  15. This is how they sell Thermage not Fraxel. But they way over sell it.
    Full effect of Thermage is 6 mo. Might need 2 over 2 years. It retightens the collagan.

    They say 5 treatments of Fraxel equals 1 CO2 laser treatment. Again I believe its oversold.

    These might delay a face lift a few years depending on how damaged your skin is. And how much sag you have. Getting older is not for the weak.