1. Will you be getting one?? Sounds a little overrated to me :s

    While 99 percent of the tech world is sleeping off its collective hangover at CES in Las Vegas, a tiny but very important minority can be found in foggy San Francisco, where Steve Jobs has just announced the latest goodies to come from Apple Computer.
    Speculation has run rampant over the last few months since Jobs' last affair, with predictions ranging from iPod phones to high-definition TVs with Apple branding. Here's what actually went down, starting with the big news that people will be chatting about for weeks to come.
    Apple iPhone
    Despite trademark concerns, it really is going to be called the iPhone, and here it is. An all-new interface makes this slim rectangle completely button-free. The whole thing is a touchscreen. 4GB or 8GB of storage inside for your music. Cingular EDGE (no 3G service!) for your phone calls. Wi-Fi. It actually runs Apple's OS X and can do all manner of "smart phone" tasks...which is either going to be very cool or extreme overkill for people who just wanted a phone that could also play music. How long will it be before we start getting emails with a "Sent from my Apple iPhone" tag at the bottom of them? (Yahoo! Mail is included on the device, by the way, along with all manner of internet capabilities.)
    Other features include a 2-megapixel camera and a standard iPod jack. It's also crazy slim at under 12mm in thickness. Wanna watch a movie? Just flip it on its side and you have a nice widescreen display. No keyboard: A virtual one pops up when you need it. We'll see how well that works over time.
    There are so many other features on this phone that I could easily do a gigantic five-part post on the thing. $499 or $599 depending on storage. Arriving in June.
    Formerly known as iTV, Apple's miniature set-top media streaming device is finally coming out. (This was announced last year.) The new product includes component video, an HDMI connector, optical audio, 802.11n networking (which should help with the bandwidth issues I wrote about last time), and a 40GB hard drive. Looks nice! $299.

    Macworld 2007: iPhone at Last! : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech
  2. It doesnt sound overrate at all!!! I am definitely going to get one!!
  3. i don't see how something can be overrated when hardly anyone's even tried it yet :confused1:
  4. Well i think its overrated because its $600 for a phone that can have iTunes. Whats the big deal? for $600 you can get an ipod and a phone. BOTH nice ones
  5. I think you are missing the point of this product. I'm sure people thought the same thing about the iPod when it first game out "Big deal, it just plays music for $399?"

    Apple has over 200 patents on this product's touch/click screen alone. It is more than a Blackberry/Treo that can play music. Just wait and see.

    Did you know that it took 3 years for Apple to sell the first billion iPods? It then took 10 months to sell the 2nd billion.

    BTW, in 2002/03 the 2nd generation 20G iPODS were $399. By the time I got the everything to play it in my car it was almost $499. Still works today and is worth every penny.
  6. Its an art of sale and commodity... it can be considered overrated because of its publicity but in nature the technology is appreciated and obviously... fools gold considering man has bought Ipods. Apple did wonders in making practical music on the move when it first started ipods. Today it still reigns because it built its rep and even though the price may sound unreasonable. Its call business and majority does make a difference... capitalism... go figure where its publicity. Take WII for example... its not that great or is it?

    A lot of ppl would agree its more practical in terms of gaming because of its innovative design. To really let the user interact makes the game more.... well. Intense!!!! a PS3 is features added for ease of use but not interaction which is the purpose of gaming. To feel included or sucked in!

    Not to mention, its a lot nicer in price. Not everyone and hell not a great majority are willing to spend $600 for a gaming system. Its all in terms of "Practicality", "Focus" and "Reputable reputation in their design" design can also be known as "fashion". Think about it... Quit thinking in terms of price and comparison. If your on this forum... then Fashion should come to mind not price. Price does not make fashion, its the other way around!
  7. It looks like a fabulous piece of hardware, supported by amazing software. My Verizon contract will expire in a year, and at that time I will definitely be looking at this phone.
  8. I will be getting both! I can't wait! Apple has never disappointed me.
  9. I want one.
  10. It's the same thing between a pc and a mac.

    Once you go mac, you'll NEVER go back.

    Once you actually have this phone, then you'll see the difference.

    Needless to say, I'm getting it as soon as humanly possible. :smile:
  11. As a first generation iPod owner who wishes that she waited until Apple worked all of the bugs out (like clicker wheel, short battery life, cumbersome size), I'm going to play it safe and wait for the 2nd generation iPhone.
  12. I've gone Apple...and I've come back ;)

    Seriously, there are a handful of "smartphones" that can do everything the iPhone can at a cheaper price that are available now. I can only imagine how many products with better value that will be available by June. That's why it's overrated.
  13. WELL SAID!!! once u go mac..never go back!!! LOVE APPLE and the DESIGN OF THE I PHONE IS PURE GENIUS!!!!
  14. thanks travis for the info! i was going to check it out, but i rather not read a mile long thing. this was perfect.

    i am tempted to get the iphone but visual wise it's not very nice IMO. and there were rumors of a ipod completely touchscreen so i guess it was either referring to this! or there will be one because if a phone is completely touch screen why not ipod?

    kinda OT but everything is starting to be touch screen...sony's camera is as well....then there's the ds..hmmm.

    back to topic.

    does anyone have some IRL pic of it?
  15. Good thinking. I'll follow your footsteps. ;)

    Example: The Rokr.