iPhone weirdos -- in your city, too?

  1. Okay, please, nobody who owns an iPhone on PF take offense... I realize this doesn't apply to everyone...

    But have any of you noticed any strange behavior from iPhone owners? I've seen the funniest stuff the only three times I have seen the iPhone in my life (all on public transportation).

    The first time was when a guy in a suit was playing air guitar and totally rocking out on the commute home. The second time a guy was playing air drums and actually was pretending like the poor person next to him was his high hat by tapping him occasionally. The third time it was a woman doing a little dance to her iPhone music while still seated, but moving her feet and everything...

    It all just made me LOL... maybe the iPhone really does make people that happy! In which case, that's awesome. :heart:
  2. That happens to people who have iPod in general on the train..I used to be in my own little world (probably dancing to myself) when I listened to my iPod on the train. It's music!
  3. ROFL @ the air drummer! I'd be pissed if he kept tapping me!
  4. LMAO!! I was like that with my iPod.

    guess the commercials encourage you to put only good music on there. LOL

    my BF has an iPhone and I have yet to see him dance in public
  5. LOL I just bought one for DH. I'll have to watch him for this behavior! haha!
  6. well..i dont have an iphone but i do have an ipod and I must admit that I do the whole head bobbing + foot tapping thing....hehehe...
  7. Once at work, while listening to Sister Christian by Night Ranger (on my cute little blue Nano), I was overwhelmed with the incredible urge to play the 'air drums.'

    Usually I just tap my foot along with the beat . . . or silently and subtly mouth the words to the song.
  8. it is the iPod part of it not the iPhone part. I just finally got an iPhone yesterday (using it right now to post) and I am really loving it.
  9. I have iPod touch and do the same thing. Usually I walk around campus singing and sometimes break into a little dance!!!
  10. I do that when I get caught up in music too!:shame:
  11. I start singing when I have mine with me..LOL
  12. You can catch me on the train platform shaking my booty to my ipod EVERY morning! :wlae: LOL! I try not to draw too much attention but I have too many great party songs! Some people start off their day with a cup of coffee, I prefer listening to Juvenile's "Back that thang up" :happydance:
  13. ^ Right on! You sound like me. :party:

    No iPhones in Canada *hum*. And lol @ the air drummer! What a goof. :p
  14. In addition to tapping my foot, I'm very subtly bobbin' my head!

  15. I'm guilty of head bobbing + foot tapping thing when my IPod is on:jammin: