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  1. Today in the Post there was a blurb about how iPhones spread more germs than sneezing in someone's face, gross. I have a very sick child(leukemia)who can't be around other's germs and who has an iPhone. The article didn't mention anyway to clean the screen and I was wondering if anybody knew of anyways to safely do this. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. I carry those little individually wrapped alcohol wipes in my purse (use them to clean things like thermometers or cuts). I wipe my iphone down with them fairly frequently so that I don't breakout. So far, no damage. Hugs for you and your son :hugs:
  3. how is it that iphones spread more germs than any other cell phone??
  4. Makes a better headline.
  5. ^^exactly, the body of the article spoke of all glass faced devices.
  6. that's what I was thinking! LOL!
  7. This.
  8. Lame, any object can spread germs and just remember germs die off quickly.
  9. It's cause all the cool, hip viruses want to ride around on the iPhone more than the others...duh!


    Alcohol will work fine for cleaning.
  10. lol @ charles

    i keep thinking about this... wouldn't all touch screen devices be easier to clean than regular phones?? with a regular phone you have tiny buttons... dirt and germs get down in to the crevices of those buttons... which is almost impossible to clean. so wouldn't they carry more germs?
  11. Dr Oz was on Oprah and said that public phones were the most infected thing even worse than a public toilet :nuts:

    I know its OT but "infected iphones" reminded me of it :P