Iphone themes!

  1. My DH made me these themes after I told him the iphone is boring.

    I love them! Now I can't sell my iphone!



  2. That is too cool!!!!!
  3. Wow how cute!
  4. omg how cute. now i want an iphone..... U have a great DH. Congrats .
  5. OMG sooo cute!!! I want to customize my iPhone toooo!!!!
  6. wonderful, Great, creative Hubby! Congrrats
  7. omg id love to have those on mine!!
    is there a file for them that u cud share? :biggrin: lol.
    or directions? X.x
    im not too tech savvy with the iPhone yet.
  8. Wow is it possible to post the Murakami background image on here? I want to use that as my background for my iPhone! Thanks!
  9. Ooooh, that is too cute! I love it.
  10. That's adorable!
  11. That is so cute!!!
  12. Very Cute! Give DH a kiss for that! ;)
  13. aww how sweet of him!
  14. Mag, do you have the wallpapers by themselves?.....looks like you took a screenshot because you still have all your carrier info and top icons showing....

    if you do, could you post them for dowload, thanks.
  15. Very cute