Iphone Sleeve - LV or Chanel

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  1. Which do you guys prefer? I've been using hard plastic cases on my iphone for a while but I've recently started to let it be naked lol and I think I'd prefer a leather sleeve case for it. I'm just torn between these two- Chanel lambskin or LV empreinte

    I'm sort of leaning towards the LV because I think if I did want to put a hard case on in the future it would still fit inside while the Chanel wouldn't, but it's still a tough choice!
    iphone 1.JPG iphone 2.jpg
  2. LV... so pretty
  3. i prefer the LV, i got the LV sleeve in damier graphite and it's tight fitting on my 4s, i can't fit in if i put a hard case on the phone , i don't know the fit on this empriente though because i haven't seen it irl
    i tried the chanel too but i don;t like that it's not tight fitting or cover the whole phone and it doesn't make the phone as slim if that makes sense. the LV still make my phone as slim
    and i fell my phone with the lv sleeve once or twice and it protects the phone so well
  4. I prefer the LV.
  5. love the LV
  6. The LV won't work either with a hard case on it though.
  7. I like the LV one because of the color.
  8. I prefer the LV!