Tech Iphone SE or 6S: what do you prefer?

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  1. So, I'm buying my first smartphone, which is weird, I know :smile:, but I'm really beginning to see the usefulness of it: taking good quality pictures, going on the internet wherever you are, reading on it,...

    However, I'm having doubts between the IPhone SE and 6S...
    I've been racking my brains and really can't choose.

    The biggest difference is obviously the screen size: the SE is easier for one handed use, the 6S provides more space. And also: selfies on SE are of lesser quality. I don't take them all the time, but sometimes I do...

    What would you pick and how does it fit your lifestyle?

    Thank you!
  2. I would get the 6S over the SE. There are some things that are on the 6s that are not on the SE.
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  3. Here's what the SE does not have.

    TouchID 2 (Original TouchID).
    No 5-megapixel FaceTime camera
    No barometer
    No 3D Touch display
    No Dual-Domain pixels
    No LTE Advanced

  4. Thank you for you answers.

    I know all the différences, but I wonder if the 6S is easy for one handed use?

    Also, does the difference in screen size make reading more comfortable?
  5. If you could try to go to the store and hold the display model in your hand. That should help you to determine if you should pick the 6s over the SE.

    I like the 6s size better for reading and it's easy for me to hold in one hand.
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  6. Which one did you buy?
  7. Personally I really prefer the SE due to the size, to the point where I didn't upgrade from my 5S until the SE came out. My hands are just too small for the 6/6S... I can't even unlock the phone without using two hands. The SE fits in my hand while I unlock it. Also, it fits in all my pockets.
  8. 6S is the best over SE.
  9. These were my reasons for getting the SE as well.
    I went from a 4S to the SE and never had a 5. I am just not a techie.
    I have an iPad so the size of my phone isn't important to me. I like that I can stick it in my pocket too.
    I'm not big on fancy features or all the bells & whistles, so maybe my opinion is of no help. For me, at least, it seems there comes a time when there are too many features that I would never use. I just want to call, text, take a picture, check my email, listen to a podcast... If I can be totally honest, when I got my first iPhone (a 3Gs), my mind was blown and everything that phone was able to do was enough - and is still enough - features for me.

    * I don't know about the selfies thing - I sure see a lot more wrinkles in my face with the new camera :sad:
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  10. I personally prefer the screen size of the 6s, so I would choose 6s over the SE. :smile:
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  11. The SE model now is available in 64gb and in 128GB.
  12. I got the SE because it's small and fits
    In my hand and my pockets. I like it a lot but I'm not into tech. One thing I can say is my grandson threw it in the dog water and it is fine. It was only in there 10 seconds tops but still....
  13. There's a rumor that Apple May release a new iPhone SE in Late August.
  14. *dances*

    I need a smaller phone (small hands + luddite who wants to type with one hand) and nothing else out there even comes close spec-wise. This is the news I needed after hearing the iPod nano was discontinued.
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  15. Good.