IPhone Question...

  1. I see many of you have the IPhone. I'm not too good with tech stuff and am wondering if it's hard to figure out. I have an IPod and Itunes, but that's the extent of my Apple knowledge. I have no idea if this even matters, like I said... I'm clueless. I would have to switch carriers to get the IPhone, but this isn't too much of an issue because I'm not all that pleased with mine anyway. So what I'm asking is, is it worth it? And am I going to be completely overwhelmed? Should I just go with a blackberry of a sort (not that I know anything about those either) I went on the websites and researched it a bit, but reading the stuff about it was like trying to decipher secret code or something. Thanks for your understanding and patience!
  2. Truthfully I hated the IPhone when I first got it ... but then I read the manual and actual went to the Apple store in NYC and had someone walk me through the features and I love it now. However if you want to use it for email primarily, the blackberry is the way to go ... but if you want FULL internet access via WI FI and the Ipod, and You Tube and stuff, go for the IPhone. While email is easy enough to get, it takes a while to get used to the touch pad system so typing is a pain ... that is my main drawback ...
  3. Totally worth it! If you know how to use the ipod with itunes its similar. as to the iphone itself, you can watch "fingertips" online which is what showed me the basics. You can also make an appt with a genius at your apple store and they can show you everything.
  4. I didn't even think of that! I think that would drive me crazy as well.

    I thought blackberrys had full internet access, no?
  5. I love mine....I have issues with syncing it..but I think thats just ...me...LOL

    I cant beleive how much fun this thing is....I can check my email and post on the PF while getting a pedicure...standing in a long grocery line...ETC
    Its the best thing I have bought myself.
  6. Newer blackberry phones do have full internet. I've had the 8800 and 8100 (Pearl). My older ones didn't. The 8800 was pretty cool because of the full QWERTY keypad. Two letters on each key like the Pearl takes getting used to. Depends on the service provider if you'll have high speed on your internet connection. Then again, the iPhone is EDGE based (2G) whereas there are other phones that are UMTS (3G) which is faster internet.
  7. I think the iPhone is great. It takes about a week to get used to the touchpad but I could never imagine using that darn chicken-pecking Blackberry thing again.

    As for internet access. The iPhone is best when it is using WiFi. As fast as my iMac G5 or my PowerBook.

    I don't think it is that hard to get used to, but I'm a techno geek.

    And it is super easy to set up when you first get it. You activate (and can transfer your #) all thru iTunes. You don't need to go to the cell phone carrier to do it!

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. I don't really trust Apple. I have a laptop and ipod from them, and they have both malfunctioned on several occasions. If their competitors don't come out with something similar (and better) in about a year, I'm going to go for their second generation model.
  9. Being that this is a first generation model, i can only imagine how much better it will get ... the keyboard is a pain - there are actually two, one for numbers and one for letters but you do learn the tricks after awhile ... but what surprised me about the phone part is that you cannot download stuffs to it like ringtones, if you into that sort of thing ... but it is so much fun to play with and the camera is great ... though I wish it also did video ...
  10. ^That will be announced tomorrow at the invite only Apple product announcement.

    The hardware will not change in the iPhone for a long time. Any new changes will be firmware only.

    Also announced tomorrow will likely be new OSx versions of the iPod, new nano and a new touch screen iPod, and a RED shuffle.
  11. Ok, what do you want a phone for? If you want it for image, then the iPhone is for you. If you want it for actual features, then there are at least different phones with more features as well as better features. The only thing the iPhone has is an interesting interface (which the HTC Touch had prior to the iPhone) and a cool package. The AT&T 8525 is 200 bucks with contract and has faster internet (3G compared to EDGE), expandable memory, TONS of little 3rd party apps you can download for free, push email, qwerty keyboard, large display (although not as large as the iPhone), ability to download ringtones out of the box...etc etc etc..
    Then you have the Blackerberrys, and Treos. Trust me...do some research, read about the features then ask yourself if the iPhone package is worth double the price of other phones.
    Then...you have the AT&T Tilt which will be available in a couple of weeks.


    I think it's gonna retail for around 500
  12. Charles, Isn't there a workaround for the push email. I remember reading about one in the WSJ right before the iPhone came out. I don't use it so I didn't pay much attention to it. But now I've read that is a big concern for some companies.
  13. I'm sure there is, but the issue is that most normal consumers aren't going to bother with setting all that stuff up. Just like the whole unlocking deal. Sure, there are companies that can unlock the iPhone, but it's such a complicated and technical process that only tech geeks would bother.
    The iPhone is so locked down that the avg user really won't take the time to read up on how to bypass all the sec to get certain apps. Up until now, you've have to run some software hacks to simply get custom ringtones...and that means voiding your warranty and risking bricking your $600 phone. Who wants that?
    I find it rather ironic that Apple used to pride itself on being non proprietary and would knock MS for being so intertwined with it's products...but what's Apple doing? The same stuff. That phone would be killer if it wasn't locked down. There are so many Apple geeks that could enable that phone to do so much, but Apple's not having it, cause it's all about sales now.
  14. ILuvMyHusband

    Especially with the price reduction I would say yes yes yes.

    I watched some videos from the apple website on the iphone - and that was all I needed to get me going.

    Its funny - for such a hyped product - I don't see it as being flash - in fact to me it is really sensible - everything I wanted a phone to do in terms of organization etc
  15. Not hype?? The only thing is has that other phones don't is a complete touch interface (except for the HTC Touch) and visual voicemail (which 3rd party developers have already enabled on other phones)....and and even after the price drop, it's anywhere from 100-200 bucks more that other phones that can do exactly the same AND surf the web faster (iphone has EDGE, others use 3G).