Iphone pouches ?

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  1. Are they big enough to be used as a purse also ?
    Tia!! Xxxx
  2. They are not huge fit a phone snugly and maybe a card or notes but nothing else :smile:
  3. I used mine as a mini bag I placed a coin purse where the phone would go notes and cards in the back perfect for eating out and the cinema.
  4. I think they are a perfect little bag size as they fit some notes and cc in and you are away- slot on the back for your travel card or ID card too
  5. I've got the petrol iPhone case & mine doesn't have a slot in the back, maybe the older iPhone cases do.
  6. Not sure if Elvis means the little Iphone holders that came with the strap, rather than the standard iPhone cover/case?
  7. I did - not sure how you could use a cover as a purse as it has a gaping hole!!:biggrin:
  8. I just went by the thread title iPhone pouches...I did wonder afterwards! :roflmfao:
  9. I've got the daria iPhone holder. There's a small pocket on the inside. I've used for putting cash in.

  10. This is the one with the long straps so you wear across body. Except I never use the straps these days.

  11. Anyone know of anywhere that does the Blackberry Bold 9900 pouches? Would love a Mulberry one but I believe they have stopped the BB ones?