Tech iPhone or Galaxy? Help me decide

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  1. #1 Mar 30, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2014
    Hi everyone!

    So I currently have the iPhone 4s and I am eligible for an upgrade. I do like the iPhone but was looking at the Galaxy's and I have to say they are really nice... big, but nice. I don't want the iPhone 5s because to similar to the 4s. Was going to wait until the 6 comes out in September but the Galaxy s5 will be out this April.
    I don't own much apple besides an iPod and iPad. I have windows desk top if that helps lol.

    Thought about making the change but would hate it if I didn't like the galaxy.

    Anyone have any feedback on the Galaxy's?

  2. I have the S4 and I love it. I was undecided between‬ the S4, the galaxy note, and thd HTC one and finally decided of the S4 after months of deliberation lol. My previous smart phone was also android so it was a smooth transition for me. I think the the biggest obstacles switching from apple to android would be having to get use to the diffrent interface and not being able to transfer all the stuff you purchased on itunes to your new phone without a third party app. I tried one ( i think it w as double twist)but it didnt work and I gave up trying to make it work since I'm not super techie and it became too much work for me. I ended up getting a samsung tablet so now I just use google play and everything DL's to both. If you're still not sure which way to go why not wait till September try the S5 it will most likely be cheaper then too since it's no longer "new" too and if you decide you dont like it just switch to the 6. Check with your carrierand see what their time frame is to switch and what fees are involved when changing phones. Even if you have to pay a small fee to switch it will be cheaper fhan buying a phone out of contract and your not stuck with something you really don't like.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was thinking all of this, waiting for both to be available, try out the s5 and I have 2 weeks to switch if I don't like it. Honestly if it wasn't for the iMessage I would get the S5 without hesitation. Almost all my friends have iPhones. Makes it easy to chat. I would miss that.

    Glad to know the Galaxy is a great phone though 👍 Decisions 😬
  4. You can send group texts/chats with the Galaxy, so the lack of iMessage shouldn't be that big of a deal. But yeah, try them both. The Galaxy is a bit more flashy with its features. The iPhone is just a phone that is simple and works well.
  5. Really? So if all my friends are on iMessage I will still see the whole chat going on with the galaxy? That would be perfect!
    Yeah the Galaxy is much bigger and flashier. The iPhone is great don't get me wrong, very simple and easy to use. I guess I'm just getting bored with it.
  6. my husband convinced me to move to iPhone 5s from my galaxy when we switched to Verizon. i was reluctant.

    i'm glad i did, it's nice having the ichat and photo drop, and my iTunes music/photo library from my Mac all synched up and ready to go. it's just easier for me, because i'm not very technical.

    i hear iPhone is coming out with a larger screen, and i would love that. that was my biggest complaint about moving to iPhone…screen size.

    my son thinks the iPhone is a grandma phone (how can he complain about a free phone??) so obviously everyone has their own preference.
  7. Yes the iPhone6 will have a bigger screen and agree its so simple to use. Just impatient to wait until September but I will if I don't go for the Galaxy. Your Son is a riot. I've heard people saying apple is for either young kids or the elder but everyone I know has one lol
  8. I have had galaxy my last 4 phones, love them. I never got on the " I" train though. I agree try the android out, you pretty much know what the iphones do.
    I have the Note 3 now, big but great. Battery life is awesome.

  9. Thanks! I really need to try it. iPhone great but getting boring. Heard the Note is fabulous! I think the s5 will be big enough for me. Baby steps :smile:
  10. Basically, yea. You can start a group text, send it to your friends and when they reply, you'll be able to see it and reply to them all. And vice versa. iChat/iMessage is integrated into the iOS messaging app, so once you switch to a Galaxy phone (if you do), when they send their group chat, you'll still get it and be able to respond to all. It's just a different way of group texting. I have quite a few friends with iPhones and we group text all day long.
  11. Didn't read any of the other posts. But myself and my two sons (ages 26 and 13 ) all have Galaxy phones and love, love, love them!!! they do tons of stuff and have amazing screens. If i get a new phone, I will just step up to the next grade Galaxy, my eldest son says the same thing
  12. Neither. Get the BlackBerry Z30. It has access to the android App Store through snap and has the larger screen that you're used to. You can find a ton of info at
  13. Hahahaha!!!

    Aside from being obvious spam...BB will be out of business soon.
  14. I'm more inclined to suggest the iPhone. Android phones (like the Galaxy ) can be buggy at times and not as intuitive as the iPhone is. I've used both personally (as well as Windows Phone and Blackberry) and the iPhone just works and does it's job very well. :smile:
  15. Thanks so much "again" :smile: