iPhone holder

  1. Which Hermes accessory is the best for holding an iPhone?
  2. Where!!! :nuts:
  3. Oh darn I ran in here so fast thinking you had one! If you find one let me know. As of yet nothing Hermes seems to work. Unless you want to sick it in your agenda pocket
  4. So sorry, baggaholic! I think I was equally excited when I saw there was a response to my thread!!!!!! I am currently keeping mine in a Blue Jean envelope I bought a long time ago, but it is too big! You would think that if they can make a chewing gum holder, they could make something to hold an iPhone!

  5. What about a Karo? I use mine to hold my Blackberry Curve and it works really well. The Karo is worth more than the darn phone- go figure:upsidedown::shame:
  6. ^^LOL, amamxr. ITA. The phone holder (i.e. Karo) is more expensive than the phone!

    There is also Planette phone holder.
  7. Oh? Tell me more please:heart:
  8. i think it's a matter of time before Hermes makes an iphone holder. Louis Vuitton already has iphone holders in the monogram, multicore and for those more indulgent, croc version for USD$1000++.
  9. Kelly Kelly, when did you buy the envelope? I went to an H boutique and they said it was being discontinued? Is this true?
  10. The envelope is definitely not discontinued. There is even the envelope pochette now. Just perfect for name cards.
  11. The envelope is definitely NOT discontinued. I just purchased one late August. It is not readily available though...
  12. I don't remember when I bought mine but it has definitely been a couple of years-maybe even 4 or 5 years. I am sure though that I bought it at the Tysons Corner, VA store.
    I use it for passports when I travel-they fit perfectly.
  13. Can you please post a photo of your Blackberry Curve and Karo? thanks. :smile:
  14. My Karo is a GM and I use it to hold other items.
  15. i use a clear plastic case from apple for the i phone. i find the ring isn't very loud and if i had it in my bag inside something closed like the karo i would never hear it. i feel the invisibility of the case makes it sort of a neural in my bag. i very much like all my accessories to go together and am working on my rainbow. i also like it in a case to protect it in case of dropping. hope this helps.