iPhone folio case

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  1. I bought the iPhone folio case a few weeks ago and have a couple of questions I hope someone could answer. I emailed LV but they didn't reply! :nono:

    If I remove the iPhone from the case, will it stick back on? Does it retain its stickiness or will it be less sticky?

    Secondly, is it safe to bend the left side of the case right around to the back of the case? Would the canvas crack or damage it in any way? I've been scared to and it's very awkward speaking on the phone!

  2. No one? :cry:
  3. Hi! I have the folio and researched your questions before so I can answer!

    YES you can remove the iphone and stick it back on. The special sticker is made so it can stick a certain number of times (I think 200?? I forgot the number) but yes you can restick. I took mine off and stuck it back on about 4 times and all is well, no problem. When you take your phone out and want to keep the folio, put the plastic sticker on it (the original one) first. You will have many of "sticks" left after that.

    YES you can bend the case all the way back. I do this ALL the time. (I need to so I can type and talk on the phone). It is no problem. The side of the folio has these.. um.. grooves or whatever so you can really bend it. It's made to be bent.

    I have had my case since.. um.. March 10 and used it everyday since and I literally use it every single day, many times a day (Candy Crush and all) and it looks brand new. Even the heatstamp of my name on it looks new so I would say it's pretty solid so far. I hope it stays this way for a long time!
  4. Thank you so much! That is really helpful.

    I'm feeling much more confident about bending it back now. It's surprising how well the sticky back works.

    The middle of my case doesn't have those grooves. It looks exactly like this: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=950460-1461690918.jpg
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