iPhone Finally Made Available on Pre-Paid Plans!

  1. http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/1112549064/its-official-iphone-to-be-offered-through-virgin-mobile/
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    :nuts::yahoo::nuts: I'm so excited! I use Cricket as my cell phone carrier, and have been wanting to upgrade my phone! I had heard new phones would be available this summer, and had asked the sales guy back in April if the iPhone would ever be available, and he said he highly doubted it. I realize you have to shell out more $$ for the phone initially, but what you save in month to month costs is tremendous - I'll actually be paying $10 less per month than what I'm paying now! (I currently pay $65 - $55 for unlimited talk, text, and web + $10 for unlimited music downloads thru their Muve Music plan. Since I'll have access to my iTunes a/c, I won't need the music service anymore!)

    The Virgin plan is even less, if you don't need that many minutes - unlimited text & web + 300 minutes is $30 per month (if you want unlimited everything, it's $50/month, so comparable to Cricket, altho they're charging more for the phone itself)

    I was so excited when I heard the news yesterday, I called my local store and reserved an iPhone 4S!
  4. Are you with Virgin now?
  5. No, I'm a Cricket customer
  6. If you already have an iPhone can you use it on virgin mobile?
  7. I don't believe you can. I've been reading several articles about this, and I'm pretty sure they said that you have to get the phone through Virgin. Of course, you may want to double check with them if that's actually true.
  8. What a huge bummer! Apparently Cricket won't be making the iPhone available in Chicago - or many other major cities! - because they use a different type of network. According to the rep I just talked to (don't know why they didn't have that info when I talked to them earlier this week!), they should be available in our area in September.

    I'm going to look into the Virgin offer - sucks that the phone will cost me more, but at least I could get it now rather than 3 months from now!