iPhone Drama . . .

  1. Hey guys and girls . . .

    So I have a question about something that's bugging me. I have been patiently waiting for an iPhone case for nearly a month now (I went on the day after XMas, when I got my iPhone). I am actually on TWO waitlists, one at each store in Michigan. When I initially placed my name on the list, they estimated that I would have my case in about a week.

    Basically what concerns me is the possibility that they are not being handed out in an egalitarian fashion . . . i.e. the "more important" customers are bumping me further and further down the list. I've hardly bought anything at these stores, since I do most of my shopping at the St. Louis store. (I put my name on the waitlist there, too, around XMas but unfortunately they got one in for me very shortly after I left town. Since I'm never home during the day and don't feel comfortable asking UPS to leave a package worth a couple hundred bucks on my doorstep, I declined to have it shipped to me.) Between the fact that it has taken SO LONG and I was able to get one pretty quickly at my home store, something smells fishy to me. I was wondering what all of your experiences have been with the cases, since I figure most people that got them have been on waitlists?
  2. i've shopped at somerset LV and they definitely pay "closer" attention to big-time regulars, but they are trained to do so.

    i hope you get your case soon. good luck with that waiting list.
  3. I personally wouldn't get an iPhone case as they seem kind of useless... if they made it to where the screen would show, then it'd be a lot more practial, IMHO.
  4. yes i agree... i am waiting for version 2.0 :p
  5. I actually really like the case. I'm not interested in a case that stays on my phone all the time, just something to keep it from getting dinged in my bag / pocket.

  6. I totally agree with you! I am waiting for some new colors to come out on the covers though...vernis anyone? Anyways, I talked with some other tPFers and they said maybe more will come in around Feb. 1 with all the other new stuff?!? They have been out of stock online for sooo long - I really hope it is because they are waiting on new styles :girlsigh:
  7. which case are you looking for? my store has the red epi and the taiga just sitting there. maybe the ur store can hold one for you.
  8. I'm trying to get the monogram even though monogram canvas isn't my favorite (I don't own *any* mongram, just Damier and Taiga. Oh, and a really, really old epi card case from back in the day when they cost like $90!). I'd prefer to get the case in Damier (secretly I long for a gold miroir iPhone case . . . a boy can dream!) and CAN'T get the Taiga since I never wear black, only brown. If only it came in Grizzli. Anyhoo, I might end up getting the epi if I can't find the monogram, but we shall see . . .
  9. Ive seen the TAIGA on ELUXURY!

    I have the MONO case and I have to say that I LOVES IT!
    I was able to get two cases right when they came out....just b persistant!!
  10. what is yr store or PM the number? i wan it...:tup:
  11. You cant find the monogram one?? thats strange because it seems like everytime i go into my LV (Houston Galleria) they always have one...