Iphone case


love + be yourself
Jun 13, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
I wanna to get iphone 4s case too but they were all sold out in whole new zealand. my SA told me there was one guy came into the store and bought 7 cases (all different prints). I have no choice now and temporarily get the case-mate today to protect my phone till the stock is in. Duh!

I wonder would the case get losen up a bit (or a lot) after fair bit of usage? I just worry the phone will easy slip out ...... ??


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
summer land
ah_tracy that's sad :sad: i think there's not much left too at the LV store in george st
i don't have a long experience with the iphone case but the ipad case is still strong and fit and i used it everyday for quite some time, and i get it in and out a lot too