iPhone Case - Updates !


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Apr 12, 2008
Hello everyone ! I was looking around the internet these days, trying to find a Louis Vuitton case for my just purchased iPhone when I found out it was totally sold out and some people on Ebay were offering it for more than 400USD... anyways, here's a great update !

Since I've been buying lots of stuff overseas (especially in Paris) I became friends with a very nice manager... she revelead that the iPhone case has been so successfull that the workshops haven't been able to replace the cases everywhere, so they'll stop replacing the stores' stocks for a while until they can fully supply the entire world with a decent quantity... this happened when they launched the Neverfull line (remember how crazy it was ? gosh I had to travel to Italy to get one !)... anyways, I finally got my case - it looks wonderful ! It took me 2 trips to Paris - one for the waiting list and this last one to finally put my hands on this lovely case - nothing special on it... it just looks wonders with the iPhone (not very functional though, iPhone gets stuck !!!)

This nice manager also told me they have this same case in different versions - in Epi Leather (black and red - gorgeous) and for those who feel like matching their crocodile/alligator Birkin, Vuitton will release an exotic version of the case - available in Red and in Black !

That's all for now ! Love the forum and look forward to more posts !