iphone bag...opinions please

Feb 22, 2009
hi everyone...
as my 3G will be departing VERY soon, as I wait somewhat patiently for my 4S, I am desperately lusting over an iPhone bag (still)...

if you have one -
do you use it?
do you get the use you expected out of it?
what style and colour do you have?

thanks lovelies xx


Nov 5, 2010
I have a daria in oxblood. Don't use the messenger strap at all but use it as a phone holder every day! Useful inner and outer pockets for a credit card/tenner too.


Sep 26, 2011
I bought 2 recently - both smooth black patent bays. I bought 1 for me the other a possible Xmas gift. After trying to suss if my friend liked it I don't think she does so think that one will be going on to eBay. The other I definitely intend using but it seems it just seems a bit too nice to smudge or get dirty at the minute ... Just realised how daft that must seem and really will aim to give it an outing soon!

clp moo em

Sep 18, 2008
I had one and sold it for me it was silly as a phone case, to get in and out of was a nightmare my phone would have stopped ringing by the time i got to it and you cannot hear your phone very loud inside.
If you intent to use is as a mini bag then yes it is useful as just a phone case then no.


Sep 13, 2010
I have the black patent bays one. Getting phone in and out doesn't bother me and I've never missed a call. The size of it means that I can find it without rummaging too much. On holiday it's great with the strap, space for credit cards and lip balm and a key. Also doubles as a travel card holder for my Oyster card.
Jan 24, 2009
South Cheshire
I have black patent bays version previously using the plum patent Daria version. I wouldn't be without one and haven't found either fiddly. A niggle re the bays version is that I have to be careeful where it sits in my bags or the postmans lock sticks out a small bump in the leather of the bag if it's facing out iykwim. The Daria was perfectly flat both sides therefore the problem didn't arise.


Aug 6, 2009
I have four iPhone holders I use them cross body so I can access my phone easily if I am out and about they fit into all the medium and bigger size bags really easily although they would somewhat fill up a lily or mini alexa size bag. You can pick up some very reasonably priced ones on eBay and they are nearly always at the outlets. If space is a bit tighter I do just use a normal iPhone cover as well the black silky snake is my favourite at the moment.