Iphone app users...

  1. Brand icons now showing as of today? I've noticed it in Coach & RM :tup: any other new things? Other than the color scheme?
  2. Color scheme? Mine is still the same.
  3. Everything used to be blue on mine now it's all black instead, what color is yours?
  4. But it may change when I change my themes??
  5. Not sure, I haven't changed anything on my phone and what is now black was blue yesterday
  6. Mine is different too
  7. Mine is still blue... But def noticed the icons. Only Coach and RM in contemporary, but a bunch of the premium designer forums have logos now too!

  8. Mine haven't changed but don't look like any of yours!


  9. Mine looks just like yours. How do you change the theme? Is the theme on your phone or on the ap?
  10. Mine is black too.
  11. I reloaded the app and now the color changed too :sad: anyone figured out how to change it back? I couldn't find anything in settings...

  12. Here what mine look like
  13. Ok I removed my theme and this is what I have
    image-4103739209.jpg image-3504864598.jpg
  14. Weird I assumed all were the same
  15. Mine is black now too, with the icons. Bag Fetish, your font is totally different from mine but can't find where there was a place to change the font. I must have missed something.