iPhone 5

  1. I waited forever for the white iPhone 4, and since it has been released so late I'm just going to wait for the iPhone 5. I have the 3G so it's not a huge deal for me to upgrade now since I waited out a few other upgrades.
  2. i'm still using my 3G (second gen) in white no complains whatsoever. DH owns a 3GS and DD (she's 15) has the 4G. waiting till my contract's up next year and will upgrade to a 6. i'm pretty sure there's gonna be a huge diff tech wise between the two. totally looking forward to it! ;)
  3. I really want to get the iphone but I find this obnoxious. I feel like I should wait for the 5 but hate that there is no release date. And then watch the 6 come out like barely a year later and my phone will already be super behind and lagging tech-wise compared to the 6! It would be nice if they had a release date at least for the 5 with some information on specs. I feel like they do it on purpose just to stir up some hype, but it ends up pissing me off, not getting me excited for the phone.
  4. I'm in love with my 4, but I'm pretty sure I'll bite and get the 5. Sounds like it'll be out in Sept., but I'm not upgrade eligible until Feb. I got my 4 as a refurb for $99 and it's worked great, so I wouldn't mind holding out for a refurb 5. I always sell my previous phone to put the $$ towards the new one - I'll be doing the same this time around.

  5. I am always jumping from one to another when it comes to Apple products and it's like such a waste of money that I don't even bother anymore. For as long as I can remember when the iPhone 4 came out, I had my heart set on a white one then suddenly there's all this drama stating why a white iPhone 4 isn't and won't be release for awhile.

    I heard stories of how the white changes color to Apple protecting their stock and I'm over it.

    As badly as I want the white iPhone 4 and looking forward to the 5, I highly doubt I'm going to even bother getting it. My black i4 works great and after jailbreaking and adding themes and font, it's so pretty! Hate to start over. Same thing I feel about my iPad 1...and now my iPad 2. I'm going to put a complete stop to this nonsense and just buy the newest every 2-3 years.

    My philosophy now is...why waste money on something new when something old is still in perfect condition. So over this iPhone craze! Play this game yourself, Steve.
  6. In all honesty there's no reason to jump on the bandwagon for every upgrade. That's why I'm sitting on my 3G and just waiting for the 5 to come out. You can avoid the insanity just by skipping an upgrade here and there.

    I just bought a used iPad (first gen) for $300 and it suits me just fine. It's the same thing with the iPhone. It's cool to have the shiniest newest thing on the block but in most cases it isn't necessary.
  7. That's like asking a PC person to consider a Mac. I'm not budging, for one. I jailbroke my iPhone, which allows for customization of all kinds of things, and wouldn't even consider an Android phone. I'm even a die-hard PC fan, but in the same manner, I'd never consider buying a Mac. If it makes me happy, I'm sticking to it!

    I bought the 1st gen iPad, sold it, and got the iPad 2 - for me, it's a much better device - so much thinner, lighter and faster, also I wanted the white color over the black. Makes a big difference to me. If the next iPhone is much thinner/faster and bigger, I'm on it. If it's the same body-style like the iPhone 4, I'll hold off unless it has some absolutely amazing feature.
  8. I admit that I'll probably fall for Apple's marketing and buy the iPhone 5 the day it comes out...just like DH and I did with the iPhone 4.
  9. I was under contract during the rollout for the 4, so I am holding out for the 5. Even if it's just an upgrade I figure I might as well wait at this point.
  10. There's now speculation over iPhone 6 being out July 2012...
  11. That sounds great to me. My contract is up for renewal in July 2012, so that would be a perfect time for an upgrade.
  12. :rolleyes: What's obnoxious about the rumors and speculation is that they don't allow people to just be happy with what they have. It stirs up hype and people are wondering if something better is just around the corner, then they don't hear anything and buy something, then something comes out a few months later. Just give us the darn release date. Iphone 5 hasn't even come out and there's already rumors for a 6?? It's more frustrating than anything. I'm holding off on buying the 4 til the 5 comes out, and don't know how long I should wait. But now they think a 6 is coming in less than a year? Ugh. Did anyone hear anymore updates??
  13. Considering Apple hasn't even announced the 5, I think any speculation about the 6 is...premature.

    Also: it's funny to me that people are upset that there's going to be a later and greater model. That's ALWAYS the way it is in tech. They're always coming up with something bigger (or smaller), faster, more powerful... You can buy now, or you can wait for the perfect model. And when the perfect model shows up...there will be rumors of even more perfect models in the future.
  14. Just read this, which stores did you go to? I also had a screen protector and my phone screen broke. I went to the apple store and they replaced it for free. Is this your first replacement?
  15. OMG a 5 didn't come out and now rumors of a 6?!?! whoa