iPhone 5

  1. I've always been a fan of Apple and fell even more in love with iPhone ever since the release of the first generation. iPhone 5 is due to release this summer but since the iPhone 4 in white just recently came out, Apple decided to push back the release date of iPhone 5.

    Currently I own an iPhone 4 but always wanted a white one. I like how the 4 look and now that it's white I want it even more! BUT (there's always a but), since the 5 is due to release in a few months, should I wait for it? I don't have a clue as to what it look like and the look of it plays a big factor when deciding for me.

    Anyone have any idea what it'll look like?
    Any new features for i5 that i4 doesn't have?
    How about pricing w/out &/ with contract?
    Share whatever you might know about i5.
  2. I have the same "problem". Maybe we should wait for the pictures of the iphone 5 to come out? But I really want the white version and if they Are going to release the iphone 5 in black for a year first, I want to stick to the white iphone 4 and then wait for the white iphone 5.
  3. I'd say just wait to see what the difference is between 4 and 5. If the difference is tiny, then go for the 4 in white so you don't have to wait for another year to the the 5 in white. White is really lovely and I want one too!
  4. All the tech guys I've spoken to said that if they do release a new model this year... it will probably be a ware upgrade like the 3G to 3GS.. not a completely new model yet. Otherwise, they would've waited on the white release!
  5. i am also waiting for the news about whether the iPhone 5 is going out this year or not, i am going to purchase my first iPhone and i never wanted an iPhone before until i saw the iPhone 4, i just love the shape so much.
    i think i'm going to wait for a few months see what's coming up is the iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S as some rumour said.

    and personally i think i would wait if i were you
  6. I wouldn't buy the white iphone. I really wanted it and ended up settling for black. I probably won't get another one until iphone 6 comes out, unless iphone 5 is unbelievable. I don't even think 4 is much better than the previous model. I actually really dislike the feel of the iphone 4. It's heavy and has harsh edges. They kept promising the 4 in white and delaying it and I just am not going to play that game with them anymore.. Just my opinion though.. I DO love the white.
  7. I dropped my (black) iPhone 4 last week and the screen cracked. I refuse to pay $150+ and have apple fix it so I will just wait for the 5th gen. I just hope my current iPhone holds on to it's dear life until I can get a new phone..
  8. I had that happened to me awhile back and afterwards, I placed a screen protector and it held up long enough for me to buy a new one.
  9. We're upgrading the fleet of mobiles at my new place of work, and my job is to help decide which ones to go for. As the boss doesn't get back from his holidays for another month or more we're going to see what happens with the iPhone 5 before trying anything with the iPhone 4's as we'll all be getting into two year contracts with these phones and want to make sure we have the newest just to get the value worth.

    The iPhone 4 in white is such a nice look though too, I can't help but hope the iPhone 5 comes out in white at the same time as the black.
  10. There's speculation that iPhone 5 will have an aluminum back but I hope they make the front white or black like the current ones!
  11. Like how long? I have a screen protector on it and I'm afraid that if I take it off it will shatter lol. I'm not due to upgrade until Nov, crossing my fingers that it don't die on me until then..
  12. All the rumors and intel I have read imply no iPhone 5 til next June, and an iPhone4S this year possibly Sept.
  13. Should I get the IPhone 4 this weekend or wait for the IPhone 4S?
  14. I am starting to also strongly believe that the iPhone 5 will be a semi-upgrade and not a completely new model. I still plan to hold out and see what happens despite being desperate to upgrades!
  15. from what i've read the 4S is mainly for tmobile/sprint.