Tech Iphone 5 black or white

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  1. And why that color? Debating which color. TIA! :smile:
  2. i keep going between black and white myself....but i'm going to get the white one. here are my reasons
    1. i'll be easier to sell in the end b/c most people would like a white iphone over a black one
    2. i feel like i could even maybe get more money selling a white iphone 5 than a black one??
    3. its harder to see scratches on the white iphone (i have a white iphone 4 and i have to really look at my phone to see any light scratches....and my mother in law has a black iphone 4 and its a lot more noticable)
    4. i've heard/read that the back of the BLACK iphone 5 is a fingerprint magnet (and personally that would bug me?)
    5. and finally...i like how the white looks a bit girly?...but thats just my thoughts
  3. I have a white iPad. I find it a lot more relaxing to look at (easier on the eyes) than my black android phone or laptop. Feels less like work to me.
  4. I had the black iphone 4 and got the white this time around. For me I was ready for a change and my DH got the black and while I prefer the look of the black, the black does show scratches on the sides very easily while the white doesn't.
  5. The problem with the black one will be that the coating of the aluminum does scratch and expose the white/ silver metal below. I imagine if you look after it reasonably well it wont get that bad but over 12-24 months of rubbing against keys or what ever else is in your pocket/ bag will take its toll.

    Personally think white phones are to feminine for my tastes so went for black but for those more concerned about the looks of the phone probably should go for white.

    If you google there is a video of a 2 year old being given keys and the black phone and then the results after 5 minutes later
  6. I had a white iPhone 4, and I did like it, but I got the black iPhone 5. I prefer the look of the iPhone 5 in black. Honestly, I think I prefer the look of all iPhones in black.
  7. I Pre-ordered a white one, which is what my 4S was, but when it didn't come in Friday, I ended up with Black. Sometimes I miss my white phone, but I think the black looks so good with the case I chose (they had the same color case I had for my 4S but it didn't look as good against the black)

    (FYI, my iPad is black & I never even considered white!)
  8. I got the black one on the first day but after reading about the chipping issues, I knew that it would bother me in the long run so I exchanged it for a white the next day. Also, I feel like having it all black this time, it seems to kind of blend in altogether and looks a bit boring to me.
  9. So as much as I liked the white and was going to get it. I just can't get over the silver/white combo for the back?! And I love that the black iPhone is completely black and matte! Love it! So I went and got the black iPhone 5!
  10. Black - it's simple, clean, classic, and in my opinion it's nicer on the eyes. I feel like the screen pops more with the black compared to the white. Plus, if something can't fit full screen on iphone 5 (like an app or something), then the black cut off parts on the screen will blend in with black metal parts.
  11. Black looks so nice on the iphone 5! I'd go for black, currently using white iphone 4.
  12. Am I the only one thinking that the Black one looks cheap? I have had the Black IPhone 4 now have the white, but preferred the black in the 4! I really didn't like the look or the feel of the black iPhone 5....I was very disappointed!
  13. I haven't seen the 5 in real life but I think black and white looks cheaper because of the back design compared to the 4 or 4s.
    but I don't think it'll stop me from purchasing it though when I'm ready to change my 4s because I know most times I will use a casing that'll cover the back anyway
  14. That is so true!
  15. I got the black and don't regret it. I find the display screen looks brighter (which I prefer) when the surrounding is black.