iPhone 4s in BLACK or WHITE??

  1. A friend of mine has the white and while I think it's very nice I just couldn't choose white over black for myself. Not sure why, I think I'd be afraid of it looking dirty quicker than the black.
  2. I just upgraded my black iPhone 4 to the white 4S and I love it!
  3. I just upgraded today and I ordered the white one. My first white! It will be here on Friday, I'm so excited!! :woohoo:
  4. My sister went from white Ipad 2 to a black IPad new gen. She told me her white one was turning yellowish!! My BBerry bold is white and it did turn yellow over time so I wondered and went ahead and got a black IPad new gen. Hope I love it because the appeal of the white one sounded better for me!

  5. my white iphone hasn't turned yellow yet (6 months of use... ) but I find the black so much sleeker anyway! I am never getting a white anything anymore :smile:
  6. Hey there!! Black is sleeker, isn't it!!
    Cannot wait for mine to get here!!;)
  7. You've got me worried now. I hope mine doesn't turn yellow :-s
  8. I agree! I've had my white iPhone since the first release and it doesn't look dirty or isn't turning yellow, but the black just looks sleeker.

    I did have the white iPad and it was DEFINITELY yellowing. Sold it and got the new gen black one. So happy I did!! :yahoo:
  9. I have both the iphone and ipad in white and they're not turning yellow. I guess it depends on the case.

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  10. Pick any one. There is cases that come in different colors that mask the original one anyway.

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  11. And now I changed to white!!! Being careful with it will be a good idea, for starters!!! Must find a great case for it!!!
  12. Congrats!!! You'll love it :biggrin: I went from a black 3G to a white 4s and am totally in love with it!!!! It's as white as the first day I got it and I think white is just very girly!!! ❤
  13. white
  14. I have the iPhone 4 32G in white. I had the iPhone 4 16G in black before but upgraded to the 32 the week the 4S came out. The 32 4 was the same price as the 4S 16.
    My husband has the black. Both are nice, but I think the white is more feminine.
  15. Black just to keep it classic.