Tech iPhone 4 - 2 Questions

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  1. I need the help of an iPhone EXPERT!!!!
    1. Is there a setting that will make the phone go into sleep mode without the lock being in place?
    2. Can you delete ONE telephone number from your list without having to delete all of the numbers in the list?
    Thanks in advance for any and all responses!! :biggrin:
  2. 1) I don't know what you mean by setting. You can always just click the power button on the top of the phone (top-right) once and that will put the phone asleep, no matter what app you're in.

    2) Delete one phone number from which list? (And in which app?)
  3. For #2, if you go to your contact you want to edit, and press edit at the top right, each phone number should have a red minus sign next to them - just click the minus sign on whichever # you want to delete and then press done.
  4. If I go to Settings and choose "never" on unlock, the phone face is always illuminated and doesn't go into a hibernate or sleep mode. When I click the button on the top of the iPhone and then I get a call or press the "open" button at the bottom, I'm back with the "slide to unlock" screen and this is what I'm trying to stop. I want the option to decline a call when it comes in, but as it is set now, I still have to "slide to unlock" and it automatically answers the call even when it is set on "Never."

    When I go into my phone app and look at the list for all calls and I want to delete only ONE or TWO (but maybe not all) of the phone numbers on the list. The way it looks, it only gives me to option of deleting/clearing either all of them or just the missed ones.

    This is my first iPhone after seven BlackBerries. It's like night and day!!!
  5. No, I do not believe you can opt out on "unlock".

    Ok, you mean from your calls list, NOT from Contacts, right? No, you can't edit a couple, you can clear them all only.
  6. Dangit, that's what I was afraid of. That's a feature on my BlackBerry Storm that I really love. If I chose to not lock the screen, it would still go into hibernate mode and then wake up if I got a call.
  7. Doesnt the power button on the top right decline a call? (sorry if that's not what you mean)
  8. she doesn't want to have to swipe/unlock ever. She wants to disable that.

  9. Only way to edit your call list one by one is if your iph is jailbroke.

    as for removing the swipe when take your phone out of sleep mode.. no its stays. Again you can remove this if you have a jailbroken iph.
  10. I could have sworn there was an option to decline a call on the iPhone. If I recall correctly, if your phone display was off and a call came in, the first screen to pop up was "accept" or "decline". Did that change with the iPhone 4?
  11. Mine gives that option . . .
  12. no, you can decline :yes:
  13. Based on this:
    It seems she's not getting that option.
  14. must be a weird setting she's changed. You can absolutely decline a call and you can also just mute the ringer as it's ringing.
  15. That feature is available on most phones, but not the iphone. Apple is restrictive. There are videos you will not be able to view on websites because of the flash player.