iPhone 3G won't fit in Damier Graphite iPhone Case?!

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  1. Hi! I would just like to clarify stuff.. The Damier Graphite pieces are now in louisvuitton.com and when I read the description for the iPhone Case, it says that:


    Is this true?! :confused1:
  2. I think I'm going to go crawl in a hole and die, right now. Lol
  3. it must be true if it says in the website. i hope they fix this problem ASAP.
  4. crap! I just bought one without having tried my phone in it yet. I had to exchange my iPhone, so my new one hasn't come yet ughhh, wish I waited! I guess back to the boutiqe then? Or will it eventually strech out? Will try it tonight and let everyone know!
  5. It definitely will not fit 3G Iphone! Tested and tried!
  6. Thank you. Do you think in time it might strech out?
  7. This is so sad.. :crybaby:
  8. please do! im hoping its just tight because its new and will eventually give in. fingers crossed.
  9. Is the 3G iPhone the name for the new iPhone with sat nav? my boyfriend has it and it's not much larger, but i suppose that must make the difference!
  10. Yup it is.. The iPhone 3G is thicker than the first version.. Maybe that's why it won't fit in the iPhone Case (which is designed for the first version of iPhone)..

  11. yep that's what i thought, they must have made the case very snug for the original iPhone, as the difference is really quite minimal.

  12. DD, the phone is too thick! I refuses to come out. I called the boutique and the SA said try it out for a week and the canvas will strech but if it does not (I have to seriously Push/ and really PULL to get the thing in and out, I dont think this was made for iPhone 3g really) that I can return it and she will find out for me if the cases are being updated for the new iphone. Ugh LV seriously needs to keep up with the market, especially when almost 5 million of these phones have already been sold, it doesn't bode well for them to have a case for the OLD version which few people have now in comparison. :tdown:
  13. I totally agree.. :okay:
  14. I talked with a person from LV today, she said they would soon come out with a 3g Monogram case! but only monogram for a start.
  15. Well, that's good news.. At least they're fixing the problem.. :tup: