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  1. I am so excited to see the new Mac Tablet coming out soon. I dunno if I would buy it (depends on the price), but as I don't have an Ipod, Iphone or a netbook, I would seriously consider it...goes nice with my MBP!:P

    So what does everyone else think about it?
  2. what are the specs on it and how much is it selling for?
  3. Are you sure it's coming out? From what I can tell, there's still no confirmation that it's coming out this year.

    And no...I won't buy it. Then again, I'll never buy anything Apple. ;)
  4. i think i heard it's confirmed that verizon will be selling it? or something like that. don't totally quote me on that.

    i can just imagine it's a ridiculous amount of money for practically nothing.

  5. How convienient. You claim you would never buy an Apple but always in threads that discuss them.

    I don't believe you. Just go ahead and take that Macbook out the box and turn it on! I know you have one! LOL :hugs:
  6. Is there a link? I'm definitely curious!!

  7. How did you know?!!?
    I run around here bashing Apple, then secretly, I go home and molest my MacBook Pro. Don't judge me!!!
  8. ^ lmao
  9. LMFAO!!!

    But would I buy it? ummm it depends on the price. if it's under 1k, I may think about it. But any more than my MBP, nah uh!
  10. How about we let them announce it (thereby confirming its existence) and then decide whether we want to but it or not! Seriously, all this discussion of a product nobody knows anything about... well, I'm finding it kind of hilarious

    (Yes, I live in Silicon Valley, but nobody here knows anything either, and if they do they've been NDA'd to within an inch of their lives.)
  11. ^^ i don't think there's any harm in speculating about it.

  12. You'll never but anything Apple? Well I'll judge you...Communist!!:P
  13. exactly. there are forums dedicated to that lol
  14. Ironically, when you think about it, owning an Apple would be more Communist...given the way he locks everything down like a Czar!

    I was thinking, if Verizon is going to sell it, I'm assuming in the way a netbook is marketed, it might be subsidized a bit.