iPad to the gym?

  1. I would bring it!
  2. That sounds fun!!!
  3. I wouldn't risk it. I have never seen anyone at the gym with an ipad, and my gym is pretty upscale, so you would think people there would want to show off and they don't. I am always knocking my ipod onto the floor when I am on the eliptical.
  4. As long as you're comfortable with taking it, why not? I'd make sure it has a good cover and would keep it with me all times.
  5. I wouldn't...
    I would be too afraid of leaving on a machine or something.
  6. i wont bring mine to exercise because when i take breaks i will start getting distracted playing angry birds or some other funny app, lol! but i will take them to classes though.
  7. I've watched stuff on Netflix on my iPhone and I've thought about bringing my iPad just because it would be bigger and easier to watch.

    I wouldn't worry about people thinking you're showing off. Just bring it and do what makes you happy!
  8. Hi LAltiero85,
    I took my IPod with me in gym as they played music which I don't like and it is hard to play your favorite track in presence of seniors in gym.
    I have loaded my IPod with my favorite tracks and love listening while working out.
  9. I bring my ipad with me every day that i'm just doing cardio and read books on the Nook app. I love it! Nobody's ever looked at me strangely, or i've just never noticed. Frankly, I don't see the difference between it & the TVs that are on the equipment - mine's just better!
  10. Agree with this, do what you want..geez, it's boring enough...you could watch SATC or a great film..actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I need an Ipad myself...the treadmill in my gym doesn't support an Ipod (only the bikes), with an Ipad I wouldn't have to watch all the lame shows while I run on bad weather days...
  11. I would definitely bring it!

    I bring my iPhone with me to the gym each night and watch an episode of Glee while I'm on the elliptical (with headphones).The best part is that when the show's over, I've already pounded out 45 minutes of exercise!

  12. I was reading this thread waiting for someone to recommend this. However with the headphones you linked to you are stuck with those earbuds. I recommend a sony DRC-BT15, DRC-BT30 or DRC-BT60. They let you use any 3.5mm headphones you choose, including waterproof ones. I have 3 of the BT-15's that I take with me to the gym if I'm going to be there a looooong time but they are great for mobility and not worrying about your electronics falling because you pulled on the cord. One BT-15 will last 3 hrs on one charge.

    As to whether you should bring your ipad in the first place... if you don't have a smartphone, of course you should bring your ipad! The gym is boring so I'd want to have something that helps me not step off the machine and go back home. If you have a smartphone and you're only going to be doing 1 or 2 hrs of cardio I would just bring the smartphone., unless you're reading stuff.
  13. I think if you use it just for cardio then that's fine. I personally wouldn't do it, I prefer to work out to music. There is this one woman at my gym, after she does her 'cardio' (while talking on the phone the whole time), she then goes to the circuit machines WITH her iPad. That's a bit to much for me.

    But whatever it takes to make your work out more pleasurable then go for it, who cares!
  14. ummm...yeah! How does she even do that? Lol! Yeah I just take it for cardio.