Tech iPad mini

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  1. I really want this. It is suppose to be here oct. 23. Who else wants it are you going to buy it?
    Yes I want it. I have the iPad 1 I love it so I'm sure the mini will be great.:biggrin:
  2. If they come out with a mini iPad I'm going to just pass. I just got an ipad2 this summer and i LOVE it. I don't see the point of me getting a smaller iPad? I have my iPhone 5 so I don't need a smaller iPad. I like that my iPad is large and I have a kindle to read my ebooks
  3. I think I'm in, depending on its specs. I was going to buy an iPad 3 (new iPad, whatever) but then heard rumors on the smaller iPad. DH has a 7" Google Nexus and I love how I can hold a tablet this size in 1 hand. After checking out the Nexus, I decided the iPad 3 was too big, so I can't wait til the iPad mini comes out.
  4. Definitely buying a mini iPad. Would be ideal for travel.
  5. depend on how mini it is, i have the ipad 1 and i don't even feel like i need to upgrade to ipad 2 or the new ipad, and since i got the 4s i don't carry my ipad too much because i'm loving it so much

    but honestly i would rather upgrade to iphone 5 or the next iphone after 5 whether it's a 5s or a 6 than get another ipad
  7. Truthfully, I don't see the point to this - with the iPhone and iPad, I don't see the point of having something in between, especially if its going to cost more than competitors.

    You can buy a Nook tablet for $150, spend $40 on a memory card in order to turn it into an [almost] iPad equivalent. If this article is correct, the iPad mini would cost more than 2x that price, and for what? The Apple name?

    With the release of HD Nook and Kindle devices, unless Apple can stay competitive when it comes to pricing, I think this one may actually be a rare Apple failure
  8. I have an iPad and iPhone, so I don't see the need for something in between.
  9. I will most definitely be passing. I had been waiting to upgrade my ipad1 for this, but once I saw it was most likely a mini I just went with the 3. I do not see the point in paying so much for something this size when I already have an iPhone and there are so many cheaper alternatives (kindle fire, nexus etc). I know there obviously is a demand for the size, but to me it's just too small and too close to the iPhone size--after playing on my parents kindle fire I will gladly stick with my larger ipad3.
  10. thanks for sharing the info iluvbags! Was considering it for Xmas gift, but the price is too high. My Samsung Ultrabook is around that price range and it offers a lot more.
  11. I've had the IPAD on my wishlist ever since, but I'm so looking forward for the MINI IPAD. Maybe this is the IPAD for me.
  12. I want an e-reader and was pretty much set on Kindle Paperwhite until I found out about iPad Mini. I'll probably end up getting one since the smaller size would be more suitable for what I'm after.
  13. Eventhough I love my ipad 3, I like the idea of having a tablet that I can carry in my purse. Will the mini have retina display?
  14. I have the iPad 2 and will be buying the iPad mini! the 2 is too heavy to hold sometimes... definitely not ideal for reading...
  15. I'll definitely get one.
    I have an iPad 3 and iPhone 5. I love my iPad but it doesn't fit in most of my bags (Chanel jumbo). I got to use bigger bags all the time because I have to have my iPad with me.