iPad mini case. Looking for input.

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  1. Does anyone have this case? Are you happy with it? Does it add a lot of bulk or weight to the mini?

    Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391752133.372028.jpg

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  2. I received one for Christmas and returned it immediately. It feels super cheap and the inside isn't real leather, or if it is it's really crappy leather. Also, the holes for the button and camera didn't line up correctly so they covered both making it useless.

    Overall it was a mess and in no way worth the price. Even the saffiano felt and looked cheap.
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    I don't have any experience with that Coach Ipad mini cover but I learned (the hard way!) that selecting a good cover is important!

    I originally had a simple, Apple magnetic foldable cover on my ipad and it was convenient and lightweight and I was happy with it but then disaster struck! I was standing in the train station and using my ipad mini to check on the train delays when a large, rude, pushy man smashed into me and knocked my glasses off and sent the ipad flying out of hands. (He kept going and didn't even pause to apologize.) The magnetic cover came off and my ipad mini landed face down on concrete and smashed.

    Luckily I had a service package on my mini and was able to replace it for $50 (and a lot of inconvenience!) and then I took some steps to try and protect my new ipad. I did a lot of comparison shopping and finally decided to go to Best Buy to have a an invisible shield installed on the screen and to buy a Zagg Folio Ipad Mini Cover and Keyboard, see the link below.

    It has a durable hard case cover with a large wireless keyboard that both provides protection and a lot more functionality. It weighs 11 oz so it adds some weight to my ipad but I am happy with my decision.

    It comes in black, white, and purple and although it's not as pretty as a beautiful leather cover, it's very practical and useful. And it fits my mini perfectly and the openings for the camera and control buttons line up exactly.

    Good luck with whichever cover you choose - but choose wisely because your mini needs protection!

  4. Good to know, thats what I was looking for…For the price I want to feel as though it's worth it.

    I don't carry my iPad out much, if I do it's in my bag so I don't think I have to be as cautious but I have considered zagg previously. I do like what they have to offer, definitely something to consider.
  5. I have an invisible shield (front and back, HD model) on my iPhone 5S and it's pretty meh. It's supposed to self heal from scratches and does not AT ALL. It's also supposed to be case compatible but it began peeling off within a month.

    We use a Griffin case for the iPad mini at my clinic and it's amazing and like $35. It's dust and waterproof.
  6. I had a Zagg invisible shield installed on the face of my Ipad mini by the Best Buy techs several months ago (and my husband had one installed for his full-size Ipad at the same time) and they have both worked well. No peeling and no problems.

  7. Zagg shields are guaranteed for life. If you don't buy from them, register your purchase at their site. I've gotten no less than 3 free replacements for my iPhone shield. They are awesome!

    I have the iPad mini origami cover - love love love!!! Not sure if those are heading to outlets soon. I got mine with pce in the fall.... But unlike katev, I'm not using it outside in the elements and near the rude people! Good luck in your search.

  8. Ditto the origami case! We have two here as DH uses one on his also!
  9. I have the Apple magnetic cover on my mini but also picked up the Coach glitter flat zip vase and my mini fits inside perfectly.

  10. I've been using the Apple-style smart cover that has been on FOS recently for my iPad mini retina. Magnetic cover turns on the iPad mini when I open it and it also folds such that you can use it to watch movies or read books in landscape mode. All ports are lined up properly and have easy access.

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  11. I don't care for the look of the Coach one. I have this one (from Target) and love it.

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