iPad case/sleeve ONLY

  1. cases from http://www.vajacases.com/

    vajacases ivolution top 150$

    vajacases ivolution grip 100$

    vajacases limited edition 150$

    vajacases matelasse 220$
  2. Are there any ultra thin covers with a stand like Apple's in a cute style or colors? Im not interested in a sleeve or skin. It seems like anything with a stand is thick and in leather or basic black. I can't find anything that jumps out at me. I know it's a new product, but there's nothing that I even like. I didn't have this problem with the iphone. Those vaja cases are so gorgeous though.
  3. so i was thinking.......

    Does anyone have the LV Toiletry pouch 26? the spec's look comparable to the ipad....wonder if it's possible to use that as a case to throw it in a bag?!?!?!

    What do you guys think?! I think im getting exciiiiiited! lol :smile:

    I already have the ghost armor (which i LOVE!) on the front and back, so not so worried about scratches, just need a bit of organization/a slight bit of protection!!!! :smile:
  4. We're currently using myIncipio Feather. A pretty thin case but we also installed screen protectors for added insurance.

    We actually narrowed down our choices on this blog: http://ipadcasesblog.com Didn't know there were hundreds of cases to choose from. :biggrin:
  5. I got this laptop sleeve-Poketo for Target

    I have a hot pink rubber cover and it fits great inside- I use it for travel

  6. ^ Wow.. Superb cover! Liked the color and design.
  7. YSL and Oscar de la Renta also made nice iPad cases.. YSL case is $795 and the Oscar de la Renta starst from $260
  8. We just have the basic black cover from Apple. I don't love it at all but I guess it does it's job...
  9. 7 designers iPad case

    the price varied from cheaper than the cheapest iPad and almost twice more expensive than the more expensive iPad

    Chanel iPad case $1,555.00

    Gucci iPad case $290.00

    Louis Vuitton iPad case $390.00

    Yves Saint Laurent iPad case $795.00

    Salvatore Ferragamo iPad case $390.00

    Burberry iPad case 475.00

    Oscar de la renta iPad case $290.00
  10. Thanks for this site!! I will definitely be able to find a case I like now!
  11. ^^ Thanks for posting the pictures. I do not see any case worth the price. seriously.
  12. Finally I can get my hand on the original appe iPad case, and I'm loving it! Seriously!
    I love the simple black look, the simple slim shape and the way it can supported the iPad on my desk.
  13. I'm not sure if I can justify myself getting a designer iPad case, but the vintage SPG ones look good... pity they are out of stock at the moment :sad: