iPad case/sleeve ONLY

  1. i think the iPad thread become long in time and it would be great to have a special thread on the case.

    which on you got or eyeing on?
    how is it?
    how much?
    where to get it?

    my iPad is not here yet but i have few cases i'm eyeing on from the apple store and other sites recommended by PFers on the iPad thread

    Apple iPad case

    Belkin grip vue for iPad

    printed skin leather by Tovicorrie

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    I have the Apple case ($39 USD). I like it but it shows dust and tends to get dirty even though I try not to pick it up unless my hands are clean. However, I just take a wet washcloth and rub the Apple case until all of the dust/dirt goes away. I use the case in the landscape mode while sitting on the couch. This Apple case is hard to come by..... I got lucky - I bought it about two weeks after my iPad. I just called my local Apple store and luckily they had a few in stock.

    I also have the Timbuk2 Quickie XS netbook case in black - I paid about $39.95 USD for it but I think the retail is about $45 USD. It is big and holds the Apple case with lots of room. It also has two pockets so that I can store the iPad power cord and other miscellaneous things. The best thing about the Quickie XS is that it has two small handles for carrying it around. I purchased the Quickie on Zappos.com but you can find it on several websites (ex: ebag.com as well as Timbuk2.com).

    If you go to macrumors.com and look at their forums, they have an iPad accessory forum that has a lot of information on iPad cases and sleeves.

    Waterfield also makes nice iPad sleeves (sfbags.com).
  3. ^^ i'm really considering the apple iPad case because it's the slimmest one. although i'm planning to get another puffy sleeve too to put the iPad case in
  4. SGP Leather Case Vintage Edition for Apple iPad
    - Vintage Full Grain Leather
    - No magnetic
    - No sewing
    - 100% Hand Made
    - Ultra Slim Type - Leather Thickness 1/2.5mm
    - Designed by SGP in California, USA
    - Made by SGP in Korea

    To enhance the quality and appearance, special engraved
    design and texture is made into the inside of the pouch
    Order usually ships out of our warehouse within 1-2 business days.


  5. I use a gecko sleeve which I found for A$29 on a website ...it suits my needs.
  6. shalomjude is it leather or rubber foam?
  7. I have the incase silicon case and I really like it except that it attracts dust.
  8. http://www.ipadcasestore.org/products/marware-microshell-for-ipad-pink-3
    Marware microshell for iPad
    Product Description
    The MicroShell for iPad offers thin shell protection with a gorgeous smooth, metallic finish (color versions only). The flexible one-piece design alleviates stress points when putting the case on or taking it off, while still allowing for an extremely thin solution that preserves the form factor of the iPad. A colorful array of choices offers many fun options, or for those who prefer to still see the iPad clearly, the crystal clear version is a great fit. An elegant, minimalist approach to protection for the iPad.
    • Ultimate thin shell protection with smooth, metallic finish coating (color versions only)
    • Unique, flexible design minimizes stress points when removing iPad
    • Multiple color options available (clear, black, pink, etc)
    • Stress-resistant, flexible design keeps shell from being brittle
    • Includes: Shell case
  9. I ordered a sleeve from http://www.etsy.com/shop/byrdandbelle . I have her macbook pro case and love it. People ask me where I get it all the time. There is a two week wait list though. I won't be putting an actual case on my Ipad. I do want some sort of a stand though.

  10. Temple all leather iPad case
    The Brown Full leather iPad case is a great way to carry this “magical and revolutionary” new product from Apple.
    Features include:
    + vertical and horizontal viewing stand options
    + padded shoulder strap
    + internal pocket
    + leather & canvas will both age beautifully
    leather ipad case

  11. I am thinking about getting an ipad :smile: thanks for starting this thread seahorseinstripes:tup:
  12. Gucci iPad case
    black neoprene GG with green/red/green signature web and black rubberized leather trim, strap with velcro closure, suede lining
    size: 22 x 26 cm
    seen at : www.gucci.com

    black rubberized guccissima leather with green/red/green web and black rubberized leather trim, strap with velcro closure, suede lining
    size: 22 x 26 cm
    seen at : www.gucci.com

    beige/ebony GG plus with brown leather trim, strap with velcro closure, suede lining
    size: 22 x 26 cm
    seen at : www.gucci.com
  13. Louis Vuitton iPad case
    they say to be released in 2011, if they wanna sell they better produce it now, really, 2011 is too long to wait

    May 3, 2010 - New York, New York - Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine
    Good news for those who don't go anywhere without their iPad: Louis Vuitton has announced that they will be creating custom cases for 2010's hottest new gadget, to hit stores in 2011.
    The simple, sleek cases will come in two of LV's signature patterns, the classic Monogram and the monochrome Damier Graphite design. More than just a pretty case, these lightweight sleeves are ultra-portable and will protect your favorite device from wear and tear—making it the perfect gift option for style-savvy travelers.
    The Louis Vuitton iPad case will retail for about $360
    source: http://www.elitetraveler.com/news_detail.html?nid=2631&n=louis-vuitton-release-chic-ipad-case