Tech iPad and an iPhone

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  1. How many of you have a iPhone and an iPad do you think it's silly to have both?
    I got mine because I feel I could use it with my day to day life Etc. an also to save money on our added lines to get the new iPhone 5 we will pay $10 a line vs $30 a month for 2 lines that will pretty much do nothing.
    Any thoughts on this would be helpful and make me feel better. Thanks.
  2. I have both and don't think its silly. I don't carry my ipad everywhere I go but I always have my iphone. At home I only use my ipad since it's bigger and easier to surf the net. I don't even use a laptop or desktop anymore.
  3. I have both and have never thought it was silly. My iPad only uses wifi though.
  4. I have both and I don't think it's silly. I only use my phone to surf the web if I have to due to the screen.
  5. I have both and I don't think it's silly. I don't always carry my iPad with me but I like using it at home when I don't feel like pulling out my Macbook.
  6. Lol wow I am way behind on the iPad app I just now realized there was a TPF app for the iPad lol.

    Love it!!!!!

    I have the new iPad with wifi plus 3G so it could be helpful if I needed it running around Etc. what kind of cases do you use on yours? Screen protectors etc?
  7. Don't think it's silly at all! I even have the google nexus android tablet on top having the iPhone and iPad! I like using my iPad for games and watching netflix/Hulu at work on my lunch break (through wifi)..... Right now I have this pink hello kitty case from BestBuy. I like that the iPad slides into this case and the case can be adjusted as a stand.
  8. Omg. Lol must see this case could you please post the link here? Thanks so much
  9. also have both and love it, they serve really different purposes for me. I don't carry my ipad around with me everywhere unless I think I'll need it, whereas I always have my phone so my phone is more for texting and email and quick internet searches like directions or info I need while out and about.

    whereas the ipad I use to surf the web (use it more than my macbook air at home even), and to watch lots of tv episodes. I use it a lot at the gym to watch shows, it's much more enjoyable than watching on my little iphone screen.
  10. That is awesome. What are some good tv show Apps to download ? Also does anyone here use a screen protector on it I am unsure about it. Apple doesn't even make one so I feel like maybe it doesn't need one ? I don't know.
  11. I have both & actually think its quite practical! I rarely use my PC for browsing anymore. It's much easier to use my iPad, but I don't take it everywhere with me. I love the new bookmark feature on the iphone5 - it shows me what's open on my iPad, so I can pick up where I left off, when I'm not at home. I also love using the iCloud for pics. I can take pics on my iPhone & access them on my iPad or even my PC now (there's an iCloud upgrade for PCs). I've had the iPad much longer than the iPhone, so I'm still learning what its capable of, but I love how the iPhone & iPad work so well together.
  12. Didn't know there was so many iPad and iPhone users that is really cool. Makes me feel better
  13. I have both. My iPhone comes everywhere with me, but the iPad is easier to navigate and type with when I'm at home.
  14. Another one here who has a laptop that I never use anymore. I love them both.
  15. Do you all have screen protectors on?