Ipad 3 or macbook?

  1. I have an iPad 1 and my husband has a 2. It's our tax free weekend so I planned to upgrade to the iPad 3. Now there's talk of a new iPad already or a mini tablet. I have an ancient MacBook so it may be best to just update the laptop since I rarely use the iPad. I wonder if it's just because it's heavy to me. I am wondering if a MacBook air would make more sense. Please chime in!
  2. Really depends on what you need it for. MacBook air has no cd drive or anything. If you need the full computer experience but don't ever use CDs go for it. If you are a heavy graphics person get the new MacBook. If you can actually do everything you need on an iPad get that one. Microsoft is releasing its office suite for it do if you use that the most then the iPad would still suffice.
  3. Thank you. I did not know about the lack of the cd drive - my husband had a MacBook pro so I guess it's that or the iPad 3. Truth be told, I have not used either ipad in well over a month. I guess I like the cool factor but that's it. Plus my usage is very limited.
  4. I would take a new macbook any day but that's because I'm not into iPad. We have another tablet that DH bought last year, I haven't touch it well over 7 months and I just let my boys plays and watch videos from it. My macbook however is my dear life, I prefer a real keyboard and real screen :smile:
  5. Totally get the new MacBook with the retina display :smile: its super thin as it is so I don't think you'll have issues. I had a chunky iBook forever and that beast survived flying out of a bicycle basket and dropped from out of a parked car. Don't ask lol. I haven't had a need for a laptop since those college days but I'm impressed how far they've come with bringing the weight and thickness way down.
  6. ita. especially since you haven't used your ipad for a month, it seems best to get a new macbook.
  7. I am in love with Microsoft Surface i think i will buy that over both of these..!
  8. If you haven't used your iPad in over a month, I would recommend getting the MacBook. I live on my iPad but still need my laptop.

    There will be a new iPad coming out next year so I'd wait anyway and get the MacBook.
  9. Id also recommend the macbook! I love my ipad, but I use my laptop way more.
  10. I would get a new MacBook... I use my MacBook way more than I ever use our iPad. I don't like typing on the iPad and it is annoying that flash doesn't work on it.
  11. I'm the complete opposite. I'm on my iPad wayyyy more. But I also don't have a MacBook....yet. Lol.
  12. Thanks all for the help. I ended up with 13 inch MacBook air. I love how small it is. I also got a external SuperDrive as I rarely use a drive except to occasionally load CDs. Since I have the iPad 1 and 2 in my house I figured it was unnecessary to get a 3 especially with iPhone 5 coming next month and a new iPad 4 looming around the corner.
  13. Good choice. I loves my MacBook air.
  14. Nice, congrats!
  15. yay i'm glad you go for the MBA, i have an ipad1 and glad i get the MBA instead of updating my ipad, i really don't see the need of myself getting the ipad 2 or 3
    i've been using the MBA for almost a year and it's one of my best purchase ever.