IPad 2 black or white

  1. I love and bought the black one! Part of the reason is to match black bezels on my iphone4 and MacBook pro.. Hehee...
  2. i like the black one better.
  3. I cannot decide between a black or white one! I plan to use this mostly for web browsing, games and probably some Netflix.
  4. I just brought another ipad 2. This time i got the black. Well tech this one is for my parents! White ipad 2 is for me!
  5. So funny story: I had the black verizon switched to wifi only white then back to my final one: Black 32gb AT&T. (I was very undecisive this time around. It's what happens when I'm given multiple choices.) And I'm in love.
  6. ^ So in your opinion is the black one really better than the white?
  7. Pinkbalenciaga: both are the same. I liked both. It's just in the end I really wanted wi fi 3G by AT&T and black was what they had available.
  8. I was at the Apple store over the weekend trying to play with both the black and white (have the black one at home already just can't decide if I want to keep it or switch it for the white). And I still do not know which one I want!!!
  9. Agreed. Both are soo good looking. What cinched it for me was that I really wanted AT&T 3g more than anything even color so when Best Buy said they only had the AT&T in black I didn't even care anymore. Maybe next time around.
  10. Is AT&T better then Verizon?! I just ordered the Verizon one......... !!!

  11. I plan to buy mine online because I don't really want to fall in line when they get new shipments of the iPads for the store. So online I can choose white or black. I want the white because it's girly and chic but the black will be better I think to watch videos! It's so hard to decide!
  12. i got white because a) its super cute and b) honestly, the black ipad 2 so closely resembles the ipad 1 that i wanted to get something different (i had the ipad 1. loved it tho, hence the upgrade to the 2)
  13. Angelicskater16: the AT&T version can also be used overseas if you travel out of the country. Just buy that country's sim card and your good to go. Verizon's network is only US.
  14. the ipad/ipad2 run on micro sims, while most of the world is still on regular sized sim, so they would have to buy a micro sim specifically-- im just saying this because i was unpleasantly surprised when i had to cut my t-mobile sim to fit my iphone4
  15. I could be wrong but I thought the first iPad had a regular sim and the micro sim was introduced in the iPad2 and iPhone 4. And I've been researching for overseas and the companies I looked up had microsims in use.