IPad 2 black or white

  1. For those of you who got one. Which color did you pick? I'm having such a hard time making up my mind.
  2. I have not bought one yet, but I'm leaning towards white.
  3. Im getting the WHITE!!!!!! :love:
  4. i have the iPad 1 and if i'm going to get the iPad2 i'm gonna get the black.
    i loved apple products and i think anything in white are cool but i see a lot of movies or videos on my iPad1 and i prefer to have black frames on it
  5. I agree. I think the black would be better if your watching a vid.

    I just can't decide. I think the white is so 'girly' and pretty and the black is more 'chic' lol.

  6. munkeebag81 is it possible for u to try and hold both before deciding?
    i have my black one to know my preference, maybe try to browse on the screen.
    the white is so pretty to look at but i use my iPad a lot to know the black is for me.
    beside games, browsing and all the fun i have with it, i use it a lot for work to, to show presentation, pdf, keynote and stuff. and somehow i feel the black is talkin "business" lol

    good luck deciding :smile:
  7. DH got white, so if I get one I'm getting black. I like to be able to easily tell them apart.
  8. initially wanted the white one because its cleaner to look at... but after reading reviews that the white somehow distracts the eye during watching vids/movies... so finally ended getting the black instead.
  9. I got the black and have been on the fence on if I should get the white and I went to the Apple store today and just tried out the white to see and I found that I like my black one soo much better. Now, I'm deciding if I should hunt down one with AT&T or keep my Verizon one. I'm just never satisfied is what my issue is.
  10. Sigh... I ordered the black 16gb att on 3/11. It will be here on Tuesday. However, I think I will need the 32gb. Hubby was the one who said I wouldn't need 32.. should have never listened to him cause now they have a shipping date of 4to5 weeks.

    So I've decided to stick with black. Placed a new order for the 32. Will keep the 16 for a few weeks and play with is and then send it back to Apple.
  11. Always go up one size more than what you think your going to use. When the first ipad came out I was gung ho for the 16gb and what pushed me to 32gb was that they had just sold the last 16b and I'm glad I went for it. It's the perfect size. 64gb however, is complete overkill.
  12. White!
  13. I ordered the white one so I can tell the difference between the black one I already have..lol
  14. White
  15. I have the white and I love it. I haven't watched a full movie in it but I have watched a lot of YouTube videos, most of them being from concerts so they're always dark, and I haven't found the white to be distracting at all. But its definitely a personal preference thing.