Iowa!!!! Going Soon And Need Info...

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  1. Yes, I will be working on a Presidential campaign. Please tell me what the city of Des Moines is like in terms of getting around without a car, weather, restaurants, supermarket chains, malls, etc. Thank you!!
  2. if you're staying within the city then getting around should be no problem at all. can either take a cab or take the bus.

    restaurants are great... so many to choose from and great selections, in any part of the city and surrounding suburbs

    weather... winter... cold and snowy and pretty miserable! but if you're not driving then you should be ok! and summer is hot a humid. fall and spring are great.

    today i believe it's suppose to get up to 70 or something.. which i think is a bit above normal... i think 60's are more normal for this time of year.

    malls... we have 4 malls. Southridge, Merle Hay, Valley West and Jordan Creek. Jordan Creek is suppose to be the new 'upscale' mall and has more of your high end stores. I believe it was suppose to be the largest in Iowa, but it's not THAT big. Valley West Mall and Merle Hay Mall are both very good malls. I would consider then to be among your average mall. Great selection of stores. I haven't been to southridge in years and it'd be the one i'd goto last among the 4 unless i lived closer to it than any of the others.

    Supermarkets... so many to choose from. the Main chains are Hy-vee, Dahl's and Fareway. You'll find them almost everywhere. There are two new upscale type markets. One located in Jordan Creek Mall Area and another located slightly downtown.

    I'm not really one for clubs and bars, but if you are you'll have no problem finding any of those either. Lots of them downtown and all around the city and suburbs

    Hope that helps a little! I've been living here since late 2001 and i love this city. :smile:
  3. Thank you! Once I find out where I'll be staying I may need even more insight.
  4. that's no problem! you can send me a message if you have any questions and i'll give you any information i know :smile:
  5. Well, what are you used to? If you are used to NYC or LA or DC, then you are in for a SHOCK, but if you are used to midwestern cities without rail, then you'll be fine.

    The people are pretty laid back and there is a LOT of immigration than there used to be so there is more to offer as far as food choices go, but don't expect big city quality.

    While it is possible to survive without a car, it's not fun. Probably the best place to live around where you CAN walk to enough things is to live near Drake University. Otherwise everyone does drive. Sure, you can take cabs, but it's not like you can hail a cab anywhere to get a ride. You would have to call and prearrange for anything.

    I grew up in Iowa (Northern), then moved to Chicago, Philadelphia, a smaller comm. in Ontario and then back to Iowa (des Moines area - DH worked at Drake for a year) for one year, and now live in the DC Burbs.

    My best friend still lives in WDM, so we go at least once a year. It's changing, but it's still pretty small potatoes, but since Iowa DOESN'T have any other major cities, this is the place to be (besides Iowa City and Ames). You get better concerts and music things than you typically would get in a town of this size.
  6. Looks like Sioux City for me. Anyone from Sioux City?
  7. I could've told you something about Cedar Rapids--older son has lived there since college. But Sioux city is nw Iowa I think; never been there.
  8. Just got back and it was so beautiful! The sky was beautiful blue and the snow was so pretty. People were so nice.
  9. Coldplaylover, which candidate were you working for? It must have been so exciting to be a part of the action
  10. We are not allowed to talk politics according to the rules of this forum but I can tell you I enjoyed all the door knocking and meeting the wonderful people of Sioux City. Being part of the Iowa caucuses was a great experience that I will never stop is South Carolina!
  11. What a great experience. Can you tell us if you were at least pleased with the outcome of the caucus? Skipping NH?
  12. Just wanted to say HI to all my fellow Hawkeyes and Cold, I'm very glad you enjoyed your time with us!

    Now if only we had a Prada store, a YSL store and an LV store. :lol: