Tech Ios6 ....

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  1. Is out... Doing the update now :smile:
  2. Who is updating there iPhone 4/s ????
  3. Just finished updating mine so I could try this Passbook thing!
  4. Does the text msg notification operate any different ?

    My phone was jb and I used bitesms and like that I could reply right from the popup rather then hitting view and the messages app opening...

    does it still work that way ? ^^^^^
  5. From what I've noticed, it's no different than before. But that's kinda cool you could reply right in the pop up! I'm kinda jealous lol.
  6. I hit reply and my keyboard pops up.. The message app doesn't even open.
    I would have though apple would have done this by now.. Since most of the new features they've come out with are things jailbreakers already had..

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  7. I feel like everything is much faster. I am having problems staying connected to wifi though, it keeps going back to 3G.

    Nevermind! The update turned off the "auto-join" tab.
  8. Updating my 4S right now!
  9. i'm updating it now, it might took some time since the internet connection here is zzz zzz zzz
  10. I did mine last night. What is this passbook thing ?
  11. I updated my iPad 3 so now I have Siri on it. Yay! But anyone know an alternative app for YouTube? It's not in the app. store nor is it integrated with the new update. And is passbook only for the iPhone update bc I can't find or get that on my iPad either.
  12. I'm updating my 4S right now.
  13. Updated my iPad last night. I only had a quick chance to play with it this morning. I'm loving Siri!
  14. updated mine, so far love the new features like the reply unwanted calls with text, panorama on camera (only works on 4s, 5 and iPod touch 5th gen
    oh and also love the new emoji emoticon!! there's loads of new emoji, been playing with that on me and my friend's what's app group chat
    some people reported problem connecting wifi, I did have that problem with previous iOS but so far felt the 6 is stable
    don't really use maps or Siri a lot, and passbook is not really supported in my country
  15. "This update requires at least 2.5 GB of available storage" :rolleyes: