Tech iOS 6 issues

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  1. I finally got my passbook to stop with the 'cannot connect to itunes' error by changing the date. But I can't figure out how to add my cards to the passbook screen. Anyone else used this yet?
  2. I added a few cards to passbook by going to the app store, downloading the corresponding store's app, and then add the card to passbook.

    The apps that I've added are just walgreens and sephora
  3. I googled this issue and there's an odd way to connect to the iTunes Store for passbook app is by changing the date and time to a year ahead. and then you reopen the passbook and link to the App Store and the apps are there
    as for me I'm not sure of the passbook is not supported in my country or not but its just empty there on the iTunes Store

    and I don't know how this works