Ione Skye and Ben Lee Marry??

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  1. this totally took me by surprise -- can someone explain to me what the ladies find so appealing about this guy? i think Ione is beautiful.


    Ben Lee has been married twice in two weeks! The Aussie singer-songwriter wed actress Ione Skye in a traditional Indian ceremony on December 29, but as this wasn’t legally recognised in Los Angeles they married again at City Hall.

    “You go through a huge experience on an emotional and spiritual level, then you have to go and do the paperwork,” Ben told The Sunday Telegraph.

    Around 50 of the couple’s closest family and friends attended the nupitals in Malaikodi, near Chennai on the Bay of Bengal. They included Ione’s brother Donovan Leitch, Missy Higgins, Nash and Joel Edgerton, and Jessica Chapnik. The ceremony was presided over by Ben’s spiritual guru, Sakthi Narayani Amma.

    A reception was held at a nearby guesthouse, with Ben’s friend The Kahn Brothers acting as the house band. The newlyweds then took their party to a nearby orphanage, where they proceeded to perform for the children. It sounds like a big day!

    Ben might be forced to postpone a honeymoon as he’s due back in Australia next month to promote his new album The Rebirth of Venus.
    Image source: Newscom
  2. He is a successful musician.... Chicks dig that.
  3. I have no idea who Ben Lee is but I like Ione Skye! She's in one of my all-time favorite movies, Say Anything!
  4. i suppose so (and she clearly digs musicians). but i had never heard of him until he dated claire danes.
  5. Yeah, I've never heard of him until he started dating Claire Danes. Just like I've never heard of Joel Madden until he started dating Hillary Duff.

    I'm guessing there's a lot of unknown musicians out there just waiting to be discovered by a beautiful actress!
  6. he's fug, and as a musician he's mediocre at best (personally i think his music kinda sucks).
    kind of a downgrade for her - going from the cute beastie boy to a totally forgettable singer who's mostly famous for the chicks he dates.
  7. i actually know a few good charlotte songs (not saying i like them though). i don't believe i have ever heard a ben lee song in my life (plus i don't find him at all attractive while i think ione is hot). in the end though, i hope they're happy (i think this is ione's 3rd marriage?)
  8. I didn't realize she divorced the BB guy.
  9. ^a while ago. i remember reading an article in vogue like years ago that she had had a baby with some interior designer (david something) -- i don't think they were married.
  10. Yes, I read that same article but I think that Ione Skye was married to the interior designer. Their house was really cool and their baby was adorable!! So, I think her marriage to Ben Lee is her 3rd marriage. I think she is still good friends with her 1st husband.

    Her second husband remarried - I read another article about him. He's a talented designer.
  11. Ben Lee looks like your kid brother's annoying friend, the dweeby misguided type.
  12. I had one of his cd's years ago. There is something attractive about having talent as an artist. But agreed - he ain't a looker.